The best of the Michelin Guide 2021

Everyone knows about the existence and fame of the Michelin Guide but do you really know its secrets? Do you know which restaurants received the most prestigious stars in 2021? Have you heard about the guide's new star? It is time to lift the veil on these mysteries!

If you are wondering what are the most wonderful Michelin-starred restaurants in 2021. This article is for you! You will also discover on which criteria these outstanding restaurants are judged to obtain a distinction that has become world-renowned since 1904. In addition, we will reveal the latest star created by the Michelin Guide in 2020: The Green Star.  Enjoy your reading!

The 3-star restaurants of the Michelin Guide 2021

In order to obtain the prestigious 3 stars, a restaurant must produce “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”. This year, 2021, the AM restaurant in Marseille, which opened less than 7 years ago, joins the list of the 30 Michelin Guide 3-star restaurants. The chef, Alexandre Mazzia, 44, offers Mediterranean and Provençal cuisine from market gardeners, permaculture, and local fishermen. It was the "energy and concentration of the teams" as well as "the perfection in the execution, the incredible consistency of the cuisine" that seduced the Michelin Guide inspectors.


The 2-star restaurants in the Michelin Guide 2021

For an establishment to be awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide, it must offer “excellent cooking, worth a detour”. In 2021, two restaurants have joined the list of the 88 two-star Michelin Guide restaurants: Hélène Darroze for Marsan in Paris, and Cédric Deckert in Laubach in Alsace for La Merise. The chef Hélène Darroze confided in us during the Michelin Guide award ceremony and shared her emotions: "It hasn't always been an easy job for a woman (...) The advice I've always given is to live one's passion as a woman, and above all not to try to be a man in this male-dominated environment. You have to react, cook, give happiness while remaining a woman, with a generosity that is quite different, a different emotion..."


The 1-star restaurants in the Michelin Guide 2021 

The Michelin Guide awards a star to any restaurant that offers “a very good restaurant in this category”. In 2021, 54 new one-star restaurants have joined the list of the 534 Michelin Guide one-star restaurants, including 6 Parisian restaurants among the new awards.

Live Update: New Restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide – November 2021


The Michelin Guide 2021 Green Stars

Created in 2020, the Michelin Green Star is a new annual award that highlights restaurants that are at the forefront of ethical and environmental standards and promotes the restaurants most committed to sustainable gastronomy. These are restaurants that offer a dining experience that combines excellence and eco-responsibility. In 2021, 33 green stars have been awarded for “culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments". In total, in 2021, there were 50 restaurants worldwide with this distinction.


What criteria does the Michelin Guide use to select its restaurants?

The Michelin Guide's inspectors are about forty in total. They travel throughout France and Europe to award stars to a restaurant according to five criteria: the quality of the products, the personality of the cuisine (creativity), the mastery of cooking and flavors, the quality/price ratio, and the consistency of the quality of the dishes offered. 

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