What they say about placement
“My experience in the U.S.A. was amazing.
Sunset Beach is a small island located at the Hampton’s, in New York.
The Sunset Beach Hotel is an exclusive property for people who like to enjoy their food in front of an amazing beach. It has an awesome bar, extremely beautiful clientele, and the partying is insane.
Living in the island is an awesome experience. You are very far from the city rush and you have the opportunity to interact with nature like no other place. In addition, you can travel to other near beaches located in South Hampton.

My training within the culinary department was very challenging. We used to serve more than a thousand people during the weekends. Apart from rotating through stations like the grill and sautée, I had the opportunity to be the head cook of the garde manger station.
The kitchen atmosphere is very though. You need to focus your energy in assuring a perfect service. I believe in what my chefs told me: "if you can work in this place you can work in every place in the world".
I also had colleagues from all over the world and I made invaluable contacts and friends.

I’m thankful to Placement International for bringing to me this amazing opportunity. I am now a different person and professional and I see the world from a larger perspective.”

Camilo Delgado Solarte


Sunset Beach Hotel, New York
“I am having a great time at Le District NYC and learning a lot there. The people I work with are very polite, approachable and help me anytime. It is a once in a lifetime experience to be in this city and to work with this company and I know I am very lucky.”

Karl A. Zulueta


Le District, New York City
“I completed my internship at the Westin Snowmass Village in Colorado. I was an intern at the restaurant called “The Vue”. I liked training there because it was located in a beautiful corner on the mountain where all houses were covered with snow. Through the window people skiing, snowboarding on the mountains. It looked awesome and it was a perfect place to work.
My managers and the human resources department were very nice to everybody, to the guests and to the employees, which created a positive environment.
I considered my experience fruitful because I became more independent, more mature and I learned how to be more organized in life.
This was my first International work experience that made me have a different perspective.
Without a doubt, I recommend Placement International as the best placement company that finds the best positions for people who want to travel abroad and have an international experience. I’m satisfied with Placement International’s services, they fulfilled my expectations and I won't hesitate to contact them again in the future.”

Ricardo M. Ibáñez Serpa


The Westin Snowmass Resort, Colorado
“Thanks for the big service of making the training program in The United States real. I trust Placement International’s services and I recommend them to my friends.
I’m very happy with the hotel, it has been a good experience, and I can't wait to see what is next to experience in the next rotation. Training within the F&B department has been an excellent experience! I will continue to give my best all time. The atmosphere is professional, I have good relations with different people of different nationalities, and what I like most is to feel the big opportunity to enroll with the hotel, grow as professional and personal at the same time. I am working hard, because I want to be part of the hotel.
Thanks to my education, I’m in an excellent level, where I can use my knowledge and experience to mold into the hotel methodology, goals and vision. I will recommend this hotel to all my fellow classmates, and I ensure that Placement International is the number one for students, in practical traineeships and all of their services.”

Diego Fernando Vargas Novoa


The Miami Beach Edition Hotel, Florida
"Since the beginning Placement International’s services have been very professional. I had no problems getting my visa since Placement assisted me through each step I took. I must say the all experience has been wonderful. Aspen is simply beautiful and if you enjoy being outdoors this is definitely the place to be. I’ve learned so many things working at the St. Regis that I’m pretty sure they’ll make me grow in my professional career. Thank you Placement for helping me find this great opportunity!"

Laura Romero


St. Regis Aspen, Colorado
“My experience here in U.S. is priceless. Working in a world-renowned restaurant by a known chef in the U.S. definitely molded me. The experience helped me to adapt to a new and different environment, to work efficiently under pressure and to love the field I am in more. Thank you Placement International!”

Daniela Louisse S. Lopez


The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges, New York
“Thanks to Placement International, I got a placement at the JW Marriott in Miami. Full of expectations, doubts, fears and joys, I left everything to undertake an experience that will be marked forever in my professional and personal life. The possibility of training and living abroad is an experience I recommend to those who want to get rich culturally. Remember it is never too late and you will never regret it.”

Ignacio Migone


JW Mariott Miami, Florida
“As I first thought about taking the opportunity to apply for a Management Training in the U.S.A., I did not know this would be the best decision I ever made in my life. I met so many people and learned so much about living and working in the States. All I can say is that this J1 year has been the best time of my life so far and I would definitely recommend Placement International to everyone.”

Julia Stefanie Maerkl


Sonnenalp Hotel and Resorts, Vail, Colorado
“I am having the best time of my life and I owe it to Placement International. I get a chance to travel and discover beautiful places which I never thought I would be able to. I meet a lot of friends, life is way different here and I believe I am at the perfect place. Thank you so much Placement International!”

April Rose Sorolla


The Westin Snowmass, Aspen, Colorado
"Hello! I am a student at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. I have had the privilege of doing my 6 month internship in Placement International. I was in the Barcelona office and held a rotational position between HR and Sales & Marketing departments. I was involved in many projects, I got to give several presentations in different venues, my ideas were heard and implemented and I was made to feel as a true member of the PI family. Placement International believes in trusting its interns, giving them a lot of responsibilities and many challenges which is why the program was so rewarding for me. As I am reaching the end of my journey here, I feel grateful for this unique experience."

Begum Tutuncu


Placement International
"After having the privilege to work at Placement International for 6 months as a rotational intern I'm returning to finish my studies with new professional horizons and fresh ideas. I learned a lot, moreover I gained a lot of transferable professional experience. During the past months I have improved my administrative skills as a "Visa Specialist" and enhanced my creative marketing knowledge. Placement International is completely team-driven, the friendly atmosphere and the diversity of the Team made each working day a pleasure for me. It was exiting to be part of this fruitful, ever-expanding company, and I have definitely started my career at the right place!"

Laura Czajner


Placement International

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