Gain the chance to inspire the ever-growing hospitality community!

Join us on our journey to connect cultures and inspire fellow hospitalians and classmates to become citizens of the world; help them gain a once in a lifetime experience, training in 5-star leading hotels and Michelin starred restaurants across the globe. Grow a strong network of true hospitalians and connect with key figures in the industry, all whilst earning PI points, enhancing your skills, and boosting your CV.

We are looking for passionate and proactive students and graduates to help share our vision and strengthen the hospitality industry, in exchange for incredible prizes and rewards!

What is in it for you?

  • A chance to win incredible prizes and rewards
  • New relationships with a network of contacts including both industry experts and colleagues
  • Increased employability
  • Deeper understanding and knowledge of selection and recruitment in the hospitality industry and its demands
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Marketing and PR experience
  • Future placement opportunities with Placement International!

Represent Placement International at your school and…

  • Register eligible students and young hospitality professionals onto our PI Portal using your unique code
  • Become the face of PI at your University by informing and recommending our worldwide opportunities
  • Help us achieve our mission and help your colleagues gain valuable experience in renowned international establishments worldwide
  • Build contacts and expand your network around your school / university
  • Increase brand visibility through promotions and advertisements around your campus
  • Create original posts and share our content through various social media platforms

How does it work?

As a PI Ambassador you will be required to undertake a variety of exciting challenges and responsibilities with the goal of strengthening the hospitality industry and spreading the word about Placement International! Each challenge will earn you a different number of PI Points, which are available to collect up until the end of the program. 

All ambassadors will have access to our PI Portal as well as their very own unique code to register candidates. The portal will be used to:

  • View our global leader board featuring all ambassadors from around the world
  • Upload all evidence of you completing your challenges 
  • View your registered candidates
  • Track the number of your PI Points

PI Score card:


PI Points Awarded

To Register an Eligible Candidate

1000 pts

Prepare a Stall on Campus

5000 pts

In - class Presentations

2500 pts

Original Social Media Post: Image / Article / Video

50 pts per post

Shared Content from our Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube

25 pts per post

Tip: Registering eligible candidates is the fastest way to earn your PI Points!



Each PI Ambassador has 4 months to accumulate as many points as they can. These are the prizes and rewards once a certain limit is reached:

  • 15 000 PI Points: A recommendation letter from the CEO of Placement International.
  • 30 000 PI Points: Luxury experience in one of our partner hotels or restaurants.
  • 50 000 PI Points: Placement opportunity with us in the country of your preference
    *depending on your visa eligibility.

A member of our team will keep in contact with you throughout your journey to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have; as well as putting you into contact with all our ambassadors from around the world to share ideas and updates! We will also keep you updated with exclusive content, promotional material and news throughout the program!

Make a difference and join us on our mission to connect cultures by sending your resume to to become a part of our next intake of Ambassadors, or by filling the following form.

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