Student Ambassadors

Join Placement International as a Student Ambassador!


Join us on our journey to influence the hospitality industry by inspiring fellow hospitalians.

Help them gain a once in a lifetime experience, training in 5-star leading hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe. Grow a strong network of true hospitalians and connect with leading experts in the industry, all whilst earning PI points, enhancing your skills, and boosting your CV


What's in it for you?


Rewards for your hard work!

At Placement International, we believe in being rewarded for hard work. That's why we prepared reward packages personalized just for you! According to your ambassador tier, you'll receive monthly gift packages from us. The packages will continue to arrive until you decide to end your journey with us.

Networking Opportunities

Becoming the face of Placement International at your local university means that you are being associated with a renowned brand, and company. Continue networking, while we have your back at our events! Enjoy access to over hundreds of private networking events with our pool of professionals, experts and hospitalians! We’ve spent the last 10 years curating these relationships, so now you can also benefit from them.

Learning Opportunities

Our training courses are unique, because we practice them at our company everyday. These are not your typical textbook courses with pages of mandatory reading. We prefer to be hands-on, with a practical approach when it comes to learning.

Work with an International Team

Want to join us later? This is your first chance to show us what you’ve got. Becoming a student ambassador for Placement International proves your dedication to learning and developing your skills everyday.


... Do you need more convincing? We offer flexible working conditions!

You can become an student ambassador with Placement International from anywhere around the world, and contribute on your own hours!


Send your application to us now! 

With the following information included

  • Your resume/CV stating your contact information, previous experiences, educational background, and any certificates you believe will help you during the course of this program. Don't forget to also mention any volunteer or school activities you were involved in.
  • School enrolment certificate to confirm that you are a student attending a university program with a physical campus.
  • Reference letter (optional) from professors you find relevant to our program.

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