How To Get Your Visa To Spain

One small hurdle for all adventurous hospitality professionals who wish to take their career abroad is the visa. Fortunately for you, in this article, we explain the process of obtaining a visa to Spain.

Europe: the birthplace of western civilization. It’s hard to imagine another continent that holds vibrant cultures in such a comparatively small package. As such,  Europe has an extraordinary volume of tourists that visit it every year. In fact, of the 5 most visited countries in the world in 2018, Spain was in second place. To capitalize on its extensive culture and appeal, the tourism industry in this great country is a booming business, therefore hospitality students wanting to learn their craft through internships should look no further than Spain!

One small hurdle to all adventurous future hospitality professionals out there is the visa. However fortunately for you,  we can guide you through the process. So, join us while we  explain to you the process of obtaining the visa  to Spain (If you haven’t applied for a job yet, then don’t worry! You can apply here)

Spain is the beautiful Iberian paradise that is home to incredible food, beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and fascinating history.  It’s no wonder that millions of tourists flock to its shores every year and why thousands of hospitality students follow suit to train. Whether it is the breathtaking Gaudi-inspired architecture of Barcelona or the crystal clear water and sandy beaches of Tenerife, Spain has got something for everyone. Now, here is how to get there: 

The documents 

When you get your position in a hosting company  in Spain, our team will call you and explain to you the steps of the process. . This will initially be to collect various documents which will need to be in Spanish or translated by a certified translator, the documents are as follows: 

● Visa Form completed and signed including two passport size pictures

● Signed offer letter

● Signed internship agreement (by all three parties: candidate, school, property)

● Certificate of enrolment and/or School’s transcripts

● Internship Certificate (stating that the internship is a mandatory part of the studies)

● Internship accreditation certificate (the university is officially recognized by the government)

● Passport with a minimum validity of 3-6 months after foreseen conclusion of the internship passport copy

● Health insurance (covering at least 30,000€ for repatriation and valid in the Schengen Zone)

● Cover letter (stating motivation/reasons to go abroad for the internship, clearly stating the intention of returning to the home country after completion of the internship)

● Proof of accommodation (if not provided by the property, a hotel/hostel reservation has to be made for at least the first week of the stay)

● Proof of economic means: Bank statement which shows that you have at least 537,84 Euros for each month you intend to spend in Spain (ex. If the internship is for 6 months, then the amount must be 537,84 x 6).

 In the case that you are being financed by a family member you  need to present the following documents:

  •  A Birth Certificate to show the relationship
  • The family member financing must show the bank statements, their paysheet, and their tax return for the last 3-4 months 
  • An official document stating your name, the ID number of the guarantor, and stating that they will be financially responsible for you during the internship period.

The application process 

After you have collected your documents, you will need to send them directly to the Spanish embassy in your country of residency.  In some cases (depending on nationality) The embassy may also request that you attend a short interview at your local embassy. In cases such as these, we will hold a separate call to prepare you for the questions that will most likely be asked in the interview (generally surrounding your financial means and motive to return home and your motivation for participating in the internship itself) 

Once you have had the interview and/or submitted your documents, the embassy will review them, this will generally take between 2-4 weeks. Once it has been approved, your passport will be stamped and you can begin your hospitality adventure!

Going through the visa process can be pretty tough, that’s why we are to help you achieve your goals!  We specialize in offering paid internships, management training programs, and employment in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in the USA, Spain, and the Middle East to numerous people looking to grow their hospitality careers abroad. 

Furthermore, we also provide visa-support services and walk beside you closely to ensure that you enjoy your travel and work experience abroad!
To know more about how we can help you find a job in a luxury hotel or Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain, simply create a profile on our portal, or send your CV to info@placement-int.com.   


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