Placement International offers internships and management training programs to students and alumni communities of some of the most prestigious and well-known schools and universities of the hospitality world. Our candidates are carefully selected and assigned to properties according to their profiles, professional experience, personal background and personality to assure a perfect fit to the property needs and selection process.

Our J-1 and Work & Travel candidates are pre-screened and prepared for professional internships, trainings and entry level jobs in the U.S.A.

The recruitment process with the candidates can be either virtual via Skype interviews or you can interview the candidates personally by allowing Placement International to create a personalized recruitment trip for your hotel representatives in which you can visit one or several of the countries where we have university partnerships.

In addition, Placement International takes care of all the necessary visa procedures that will allow your candidates to train for 3-4, 6, 12, or up to 18 months.

Our services are 100% free for properties and hotels in the United States as management training and internship positions are secured.

If you are interested in working with our international students and alumni communities please contact us at info@placement-int.com.

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