About Us

We are Placement International, the number one placement agency in the luxury hospitality industry and we are proud to be currently working with 90% of the world’s top-ranked hospitality and culinary schools and universities. We offer internships and management training programs in renowned international establishments all around the world such as Starwood, Marriott, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, etc. and also in awarded chef’s restaurants such as Jean Georges, Alain Ducasse, José Andrés, Gordon Ramsay and many more. We assist our candidates with professional and hassle-free visa services in order to obtain the adequate visas for them and guarantee once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Our Values

  • Being a True Hospitalian

We are in a hurry to make you smile! We make people around us feel great by exceeding expectations. 

  • Our Passion is Contagious

Anyone can tell our passion is the hospitality industry!

  • Connecting Cultures

We love connecting the cultures of the world to help create global peace and understanding.


Our Mission

We are a dynamic and multicultural team of professionals, willing to offer a specialized and high-quality service to hospitality and culinary students and graduates by matching each candidate with the perfect position that will give him/her all the keys of success within a competitive, demanding, and globalized hospitality industry.


Our Vision

To connect different cultures of the world by becoming the reference for hospitality placements worldwide and participate in the development of global understanding. 


Our Offers

  • Variety of placement opportunities within luxury properties, hotels, and restaurants around the world


Our Guarantees

  • Quality openings at luxury hotels, ski resorts, and restaurants around the world
  • Paid positions with minimum salary guarantee depending on the country where they are at
  • Programs in accordance with the country's visa regulations
  • Housing guidelines
  • Assistance with Health insurance coverage if needed
  • Support during the entire duration of the program
  • Advice on tax refund


Our Quality Policy 

PLACEMENT INTERNATIONAL is a company that offers cultural exchange programs specialized in the hospitality industry. Our commitment is providing a service with the highest-quality standards by implementing a Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015.  

We will achieve this by committing to  the following:


  • Providing candidates with high-quality internship and training programs and overall experiences, by placing them in luxury hospitality properties around the world.

  • Learning from the experience gained by working with our customers and partners, and setting up actions to keep improving our services and overall performance.

  • Providing constant support, reference, and advice to our candidates before, during, and after their programs.

  • Being transparent with all interested parties to ensure that issues are communicated and resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • Complying with the applicable legislation and ensuring our participants understand the laws abroad and respect others’ customs. Connecting the different cultures of the world and supporting global understanding. 

  • Providing continuous training to our employees in order to have a positive influence on their motivation and contagious passion shared with our customers. Our aim is that our employees become experts in their domain and flourish as true hospitalians. 

  • Overseeing and controlling suppliers, partners, and processes, to ensure the success of all programs.

  • Performing risk analysis, appropriate to the context of the company and processes, in order to adopt measures to minimize them, and establish goals and objectives ensuring the continuous improvement of our services.

To ensure the cooperation and contribution in the pursuit of the above commitments, this Policy shall be communicated to all of Placement Europe’s team members.  The company engages in ensuring the team’s awareness and responsibilities.  

The Management of Placement Europe supports this Policy and commits to review and update it periodically in order to ensure its effectiveness in the company’s process of continuous improvement.

Placement Europe is committed to achieving all parties’ satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


February, 2020

Mariana Farill

Director, Placement International Group

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