Is food the new healthcare?

Lab grown meat, alternative sea snacks, reusable packaging and other new trends are taking over the world. They don’t impact the environment and our bodies as much as their more pollutant alternatives.

We pay more attention to what we eat than ever before. "Mindfoodness", the newest food trend, is all about eating healthy, treating our planet with care and being aware of life around you. Mindfoodness lets the consumer fully enjoy their food, by making the consumer pay extra attention to what they are actually eating.

One of the other current food trends that is connected to Mindfoodness is Food for Healthcare. In the USA, four leading causes of death, are directly linked to food; diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and strokes. Processed industrial food really affect your health because of the synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones. Your body will digest those chemicals as well!

Various companies and restaurants started to lead by example. By offering fresh, organic, healthy seasonal food, companies make sure their customers are taken care of properly and helping them in becoming healthier. Restaurants often serve more vegetables than meat, because meat has a huge impact on our planet. At present, the US livestock population consumes more than 7 times as much grain as is consumed directly by the entire American population. The amount of grain fed to US livestock is sufficient to feed about 840 million people who follow a plant-based diet.

Supermarkets all around the world now offer planet friendly food like take away superfoods (with recycled packaging, obviously), and plant based “dairy” and “meat” products. Meat, cheese and eggs have the highest carbon footprint. Fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts have much lower carbon footprints. By minding what you eat, you can reduce your personal carbon footprint!

Dr. Smood, a fun new restaurant concept in New York, really cares for its guests and the planet. Instead of choosing what you would like to eat, you choose food based on how you are feeling! Guests can choose between; power, beauty, immunity, detox, energy and health. After choosing, you will be directed to the corresponding refrigerator which delicious foods!

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