5 Tips for Passing a Job Interview

Sweaty palms, trembling voice, tumbleweed tumbling about in your head trying to think of how to introduce yourself… sounds familiar?

We have all been through the job interview struggles and we could all use some help. Try these tips to have a higher chance of passing a job interview (so that you don’t get seriously dehydrated from all the stress sweats).

  1. Make a good first impression

No matter how charming your personality is, don’t forget that it only takes a few moments for the other person to form an opinion about you. So make sure you:

  • Dress to impress - professional attire is your go to no matter what position you are being interviewed for.
  • Clean up your Skype profile. A simple, professional looking photo will go a long way.
  • Take care of your surroundings. Your background will look best when empty, or with no obvious bright distractions - in this case all the focus will be on you, and that is exactly what you want.
  1. Be on time and avoid technical difficulties

A lot of background noise as well as poor internet connection might annoy your interviewer and will end with you leaving a bad impression. Or worse - the interview might not even happen due to poor internet connection, audio or video not working.

  1. Prepare to sell yourself

A successful job interview is when you are both the salesperson and the product/service, so make sure to sell yourself well and don’t be too modest - use real life examples of your character traits, highlight your achievements, and most importantly - know the company, and how & why you would fit in there.

  1. Do some research about the company

Interviewers love asking whether you have some questions for them at the end of your interview just as much as they don’t like hearing questions about salary, working hours, and days off. These few questions can and will form an opinion about you and show your attitude towards the position. Are you interested in the company’s culture, values, or do you want a deeper explanation of day-to-day responsibilities of your role? These are some of the examples you should be asking your potential employer.

Click here to find our list of best questions for the end of your job interview!

  1. Remain friendly, professional, excited and smiling!

Having a friendly attitude is the right answer to everything, especially during a job interview. You are being interviewed for a vacancy in the hospitality industry after all, so make sure to look, act, and be hospitalian!

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