5 Golden Rules For Perfect Wine pairing

Find out the top 5 rules for perfect wine pairing! You'll become an expert in no time and impress everyone around you.

There are so many things you hear about the best way to accompany your food with the best possible wines. To name a few: 

  • The wine should be sweeter than the food
  • It should have the same intensity of taste as the food
  • Red wines go best with strong tasting meats (red meat)
  • White wines go best with low-intensity meats (fish or chicken), and so many other rules!

But what if we were a little more precise? Here are some of the little-known rules that will make you shine at a dinner party with friends or family!

1. Low alcohol and spicy food

If you are planning a spicy meal, such as Moroccan or Indian, one of the best wines to choose is Syrah. Honorable mentions also go to wines like Malbec, or Côtes-du-Rhône.

Thanks to their boldness and low alcohol content, they are delicious with foods covered in spicy sauces, such as chicken drumsticks with barbecue sauce or hamburgers with cumin and harissa sauce. Wines such as Riesling and especially German Riesling demi-sec are also perfect with Jamaican curried chicken breasts or shrimp with green beans and toasted coconut. That's because the alcohol accentuates the oils that make spicy dishes spicy, hence a low-alcohol touch helps mellow that spiciness. 

2. Salty food with Champagne

Most dry sparkling wines, like brut champagne or Spanish cava, have a slight sweetness to them. This makes them refreshing when served with savory foods, such as crispy udon noodles with nori salt. This rule applies to almost every champagne on the market and savory food. The note of sweetness hidden behind most champagnes will bring a compelling balance to an entire dining experience. Have you ever wondered why aperitifs or events where champagne is served are mostly made up of small salty snacks such as roasted peanuts, potato chips, crackers, or even salmon blinis or fish eggs? Well, it’s because it is the perfect pairing!

3. Comfort food with rosé

Any dish very rich in cheese and quite heavy is just perfect with a good dry rosé! You get the perfect balance between the fruitiness of red wine and the acidity of white wine. It brings out the best in rich, flavorful dishes where cheese plays a prominent role. In fact, some cheeses go better with white wine, others with red, but almost all go very well with dry rosé! Dishes with a very rich sauce and cheese are the perfect pairing for rosé. For example, dishes with tomato sauce like a good ratatouille, eggplant parmigiana, or lasagna, and as for cheese, nothing is more delicious than gougères with Roquefort and the best rosé in your collection!

4. Lighter wine for desserts (balance the tastes for desserts)

When pairing desserts and wines, sweet wines are obviously best with desserts, whether it's a chocolate cake, a fruit tart, or even a good tiramisu. Note however that it is interesting to take a wine that goes in the same direction as the dish. For example, a lemon pie, which is a bit "acidic", will go better with a Loupiac which is less sweet than a Sauternes.

It is important to avoid too many contrasts and to make sure that the wines and desserts go together. Also, be aware that dry wines or champagnes are not really suitable to accompany your desserts as they would impose an unpleasant bitterness on the mouth. With fruit such as apple pie or roasted pears, choose a wine that is a little lighter and less sweet than the dessert, such as a sparkling Moscato d'Asti, a semi-dry Champagne, or Asti Spumante, which will highlight the fruit of the desert, rather than the sugar. 

5. Earthy wine with earthy food

Wines and foods echo each other and that's what creates the magic of flavor combinations. Earthiness is often present in red wines like Pinot Noir (especially from Burgundy) and Nebbiolo, making them great partners for earthy ingredients like bison steaks, wild mushrooms, and truffles. In short, any food that combines with the rustic pleasures of fall is perfect. 

Thanks to this article you will be able to change your meals by accompanying them in the best way with the most delicious wines! If you love the world of gastronomy and hospitality in general, discover how Placement International can offer you unique career opportunities in the sector and take you to the most attractive destinations that will take your career to the next level! For further information, contact our teams at info@placement-int.com, they are more than happy to assist you!





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