Why the hospitality industry needs more creative profiles

At first glance, hospitality may not seem like the ideal occupation for a creative individual but it is exactly what the industry needs! Out of the box ideas filled with imaginations aids the brand to stand out and provide a unique experience. Here are our top 3 reasons!

Contrary to what you might think, creative people have a particular interest in hospitality careers. It’s a great booster for ideas, inspirations, and overflowing imagination will be fed to perfection! This is definitely not a sector where you have to stay within the rules and limits.  It is all about innovation and creativity in the hospitality industry. Studies show that people who think outside the box and have unique ideas tend to develop the most successful businesses! 

We present you with the top 3 reasons why being creative is one of the keys to success in the hospitality industry.

1. Compatible characters 

Creative people have skills and personalities that are particularly interesting to develop in hospitality careers. Their ability to think on their feet and find solutions according to their varying needs is essential. Generally, they are very adaptable to work environments and are open to change. Therefore, they are flexible to new roles and methods imposed on them. Indeed, hospitalians like to be interested in and confronted with new things because they face challenges and uncertainty with optimism. Finally, the 3 main characteristics that come out of a creative person within a company are: 

  • The ability to satisfy customers
  • Lead employees
  • Maintain the competitiveness of companies in the hospitality sector

As you can see, these people are more likely to become managers because of their natural leadership.

2. The importance of innovation 

Innovation is often associated with new technologies. Of course, they are part of it, but not only that, it is also about those with creative and innovative minds. This is why professionals continually encourage their staff and management to be creative in day-to-day practices.

When members of an organization know their roles, techniques, and best practices they bring in a touch of novelty chosen by them. That way, they have slight leeway to search for more creative ways of making improvements. Finally, being innovative by thinking outside the box can be used in many areas and practices of hospitality. It can help to improve hiring practices, have better work organization or boost employee satisfaction within a company.

3. Creativity useful at all levels

Creative traits are important for staff at all levels of the hotel hierarchy. Staff who carry out the day-to-day processes and interact with guests need to rapidly adapt to changes and challenges. The ability to do so is the trait of a creative personality.

They are able to implement ideas and practices in the field instantly. However, creativity is equally important at the higher levels of hotel management. If a hotel wants to grow, change or enter new markets, it will require a sense of vision and new ideas to take them to the next level. This is why managers are often very creative personalities! Finally, sometimes brands have to adapt to new customers and markets, and therefore think differently from what they have done before. 

If you are creative and wish to stand out in the competitive hospitality industry, we can help!  Discover how companies like  Placement International can help you by offering unique employment opportunities in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants around the world. For more information, you can contact info@placement-int.com by sending your CV. Or simply create a profile on the Placement International website (www.placement-international.com). 


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