Why Should You Work On A Cruise Ship?

Within the past year, the cruise industry has suffered numerous setbacks that have left many wondering if the business model would be able to recover. Fortunately, 2021 seems to be the year in which many of said industries bounce back! As the industry begins to set sail again, crew will soon be sought after, so this is the best time to hop on board! From working behind the bar to housekeeping to entertainment there's a job for everyone. But unlike a resort, cruise ships offer work benefits you could only dream of on land.

1. Perfect to save up

Working on a cruise ship gives you the chance to make good money and put most of it in your savings account. While working on a cruise ship, you do not need to pay rent or buy groceries. You get a free cabin, whether shared or single, and there are no utilities to pay, which means you can save most of your hard-earned salary. That is unless you go crazy in Monte Carlo of course.

2. Pirate attack training

Besides learning new work skills from luxury hospitality professionals, while floating from one tropical destination to another, you will also learn how to fight a pirate. Ok, maybe not literally, but every cruise ship has some form of training to prepare you for a pirate attack (some of them use high pressure water canons, some of them will just tell you where to hide.) And as medieval as it sounds, let’s be honest, it is very cool. Sign up for the cruise ship (and pirate fighting) courses here.

3. Speaking code

Speaking in code is not only for spies! Cruise ship professionals use code in emergencies they don’t want to worry quests with. Some universally used examples are:

  • Code Adam: a child is missing
  • Code Alpha: there’s a medical emergency
  • Code Oscar: man overboard
  • Code Bravo: fire on the ship

Let’s hope you never get to use it, but just knowing about it makes you about 37% cooler than a land hospitalian.

4. Getting paid to travel

Not only will you see the world, but you will also be surrounded by your fellow crew members of different nationalities and make professional and personal connections all over the globe. Meeting new people and getting paid to travel. What could be better? For more tips on how to make money while traveling, have a look at Dutch native blog "Vrolijk op Reis". Bloggers Bianca and Bas tell you all about traveling, earning money and other insights! Have a look here: https://vrolijkopreis.nl/

Working on a cruise ship is a bit of a rollercoaster, and like every job, has its’ ups & downs, but it comes with the work hard - play hard attitude. If you want to prepare for such a challenge, apply for our online cruise hospitality course which will help you get ready for life at sea and certify you by the UK Cruise Hospitality Center.

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