What to ask at the end of your job interview

A successful job interview is like a dance, where both you and the interviewer take parts in showing your best moves - the interviewer is defining whether you are right for the position while you are figuring out if the position is right for you.

Your opportunity to figure that out by asking questions usually comes up at the end of the interview. Not having any questions at the end of your interview will most likely show that you are disinterested or unprepared, rather than that everything is crystal clear for you, as you thought. 

You want to ask the right kind of questions, with an open-ended answer. As the research about the culture of the company and its' competitors should be done by you prior to the interview, think deeper in terms of your team and company, for instance, team dynamic, career development, type of daily atmosphere, day-to-day responsibilities, and circle your questions around that.

In case you are struggling with phrasing the right ones, here's a list of questions you could be asking at the end of the interview:

  1. What are the day-do-day responsibilities of my role?

Not all job descriptions have detailed explanations of the role, let alone daily responsibilities. Asking about your potential daily tasks will make things more clear and show whether the job is right for you.

  1. What qualities are you looking for in the perfect candidate?

It is always useful to see the role from the employer's perspective. Is it the same as you see it? Are you actually the right candidate? This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises too late.

  1. What is your favorite thing about the company you work for?

This question will let you take a look at how your interviewer feels in the company and whether you want to be a part of that happy or not-so-much environment. 

  1. Is there a possible career path for someone in this role?

You are most likely looking for a position with potential growth and career opportunities, and not a dead-end job, and this question is your way to find out whether this company is where you will grow or if you should keep looking for it.

  1. What will be my biggest challenges in this role? What possibilities is the company facing right now?

A question like that will show a hands-on ready-for-a-challenge attitude as well as a desire to grow and develop together with the company.

  1. Is there anything on my resume or after this interview that seems alarming or raises doubts in regards to accepting me?

An answer to this question will not only give you a heads up on how you are doing compared to other candidates, but also give you an opportunity to defend yourself and eliminate any doubts they might be having.

DO NOT ask about the salary, benefits or working hours just yet. These questions should be left for the end of the hiring process, when you have already gone through the first phase of recruitment process.

There are many things to think about when getting ready for an interview even without the questions, take a look here - we have you covered!

Having some of these questions ready (yes, don't forget to practise asking these out loud) will help you look like an informed and well prepared, and maybe even because of that - the best candidate.

Now that you know as much as we do, you are most likely ready to nail your job interview! Apply here to talk to your future employer:

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