10 Secret Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is always full of surprises. Even after 5 years of living here and exploring a lot, our guest blogger Blondie in Morocco still discovers so many new places. Some of these spots she discovers by accident, driving off the beaten path.

In my insider’s guide to Morocco 10 secret places, you’ll be visiting some of Morocco’s secret spots. Some of the places are not really a secret, however, less known to tourists. Or, they would never even consider visiting.  Few of the places in the list I haven’t been yet, but want to visit asap!

1. Moulay Bousselham lagoon

Moulay Bousselham is a small town in the Kénitra Province, famous for its lagoon and the wetland area called Merja Zerga. The resort is popular almost entirely with Moroccans and birdwatching community.  The wetland is home for over 100 bird species like the flamingo, grey herons, storks, black-winged stilts, African marsh owls, marbled teals, Red-knobbed coots, etc. If you want to have a birdwatching tour, ask around in the port.  You can read more about my visit to Moulay Bousselham in the post Chasing flamingos in Morocco.

Oh, and Moulay Bousselham is a tasty seafood lunch stop if you are driving from Tangier to Marrakech. Don’t eat at the restaurants, go directly to the local fish market. There, you can choose your fish that will be grilled and served in the market’s grill spot.

2. Sidi M’Barek waterfalls

What a place! While in Essaouira, I was often wondering what to see around, not driving too far. I was so delighted discovering this stunning place, the lush waterfalls of Sidi M’Barek and the marabout (home of a saint).  The waterfalls are about 15 minutes drive south of Essaouira, on the road that leads to Sidi Kouki.  You will see small signs indicating that you are there, but make sure you ask locals as the walking path to the waterfalls is not marked. The walk to the waterfalls takes around 30 min easy walk. It’s a perfect spot for lunch or barbeque. What I love about this place is also the giant sand dunes that remind me of the Sahara desert. Even better, down the dunes, you will find the waterfalls and more down, the ocean!

3. Lalla Takerkoust

Marrakech is surrounded by many beautiful spots to visit on a one day trip.  Lalla Takerkoust is one of my favourites when I want to escape from the heat in Marrakech and enjoy a refreshing nature. Situated around 40 km from Marrakech, Lalla Takerkoust is famous because of its beautiful man-made lake build in 1929 to provide electricity to Marrakech and its surroundings. The lake is cool heaven after hot days in Marrakech, there are few beaches for swimming, restaurants, and hotels.  You can enjoy aquatic sports: jet ski, boats, etc.  More about Lalla Takerkoust you can read in my post A DAY TRIP FROM MARRAKECH FOR ONLY 1 EURO!

4.  Bhalil cave dwellings

I’ve heard about the village of Bhalil long time ago. However, until now never had an opportunity to visit this village.  Located 30 km from Fez, close to Sefrou town, the village of Bhalil is famous for its unique cave dwellings. Some of them are still inhabited by people. Bhalil also attracts attention because of its colorful houses and streets. There are not many inhabited cave dwellings left. Because of modernization, locals are slowly moving from the cave-houses to the modern part of the town. Some of the cave houses are open for tourists. You only need to catch a local (unofficial) guide and he will show inside of the cave-houses.

5. Plage De Mares dar in Jebha 

Beach De Maresdar is a real secret. Located in  El Jebha, in the northern part of Morocco, halfway between Tetouan and Al Hoceima, this place is almost unknown for tourists and even locals. Craved into the rock, the Plage De Mares reminds more of a beach in Indonesia or Thailand.  What makes this place more secluded and special is the fact, that the beach can be only reached by a small boat from the town. The boat ride cost around 100 dh.

6. Moulay Idriss 

Moulay Idriss – a town in northern Morocco is probably known if you visited the nearby archaeological site Volubilis. The holiest city of Morocco till 2005 didn’t allow non-Muslims to stay overnight in the town.  The city is situated on the hill and surrounded by lush green hillsides. I’ve been to Moulay Idriss a few times and always felt the special magic of the town. Especially on more cloudy days, when the city is partly hidden in white clouds. Also, Moulay Idriss is all about donkeys. They are used to transport everything from people to vegetable, furniture, etc.

7. Iminifri natural bridge

We discovered Iminifri natural bridge while driving to another secret place from this list, Bin el Ouidane lake. The bridge is located about 70 km from the famous Ouzoud waterfalls. Iminifri natural bridge is a stone structure created by the water that flows underneath, creating all kinds of forms to a height of over 20 meters. It’s not a popular tourist attraction, surrounded by a few local restaurants where we had an amazing rabbit tagine. The hike down and up from the natural bridge is short and not complicated. Make sure you come with comfortable shoes. Few locals show us the way through the natural bridge. While walking through, pay attention to one of the stone formations, that reminds the shape of Africa. Actually, it’s hard to see the similarity but locals will help you out.

8. Tinmel mosque

Tinmel mosque (built-in 1156) is one of the two mosques in Morocco open to non-Muslims.  About 100 km from Marrakech, Tinmel mosque is a hidden gem and not very well known.   It is no longer functioning as a mosque and visitors can freely come to the mosque any time.  There is often some local English speaking guide waiting at the entrance, so don’t hesitate to hire him for a short history walk (even if you know the history, take the tour to support the locals). If you like to have a unique day tour, read the story about my visit to the Berber home. The day trip included a visit to the Tinmel mosque.

9. Skoura oasis

On the way to the Sahara desert of Merzouga, often travelers or tours stops overnight either in Tinghir or Ait Ben Haddou. However, there is another place to spend a night or even a few days, the Skoura oasis. Located 40 km from Ourzazate, Skoura is worth attention for the about 50 km² palm grove labyrinth with palms, olive, almond trees, and cute local villages.  There are a few hotels to stay, some of them are a real oasis to relax after a long drive. You can also arrange a tour of the oasis, local villages. I love Skoura oasis because it’s still undiscovered for the mass tourists and the Go Local experience makes it special.

Don’t forget to visit the Kasbah Amridil of the 17th century. You will recognize the kasbah Amridil from the picture on the bank-notes of 50 Dirhams. It’s also a place where he famous movies ” Ali Baba and the 40 thieves ” & ” Lawrence of Arabia ” were filmed.

10. Bin el Ouidane lake

Bin el Ouidane lake is located about 1-hour drive from the Ouzoud waterfalls, in Azilal Province.  The dam of Bin el Ouidane was built in the mid-20th century with a height of 1,330 meters and a length of 85 meters.  Bin el Ouidane dam and its surroundings is a refuge for those looking for calm and quietness. What to do in Bin el Ouidane lake? Simply rent a local boat, enjoy the beautiful views, swim, sunbath, eat. There are some hotels to rent around the lake or, like me, find an apartment with the lake view.

This blog post has been written by a guest blogger Blondie in Morocco. Visit her blog if you want to learn more about her adventures and find out tips for travel and life in Morocco!


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