Top 4 Hospitality Industry Trends to Watch In 2022

The post-covid era has brought trends that cannot be avoided! To remain competitive in the hospitality industry, facilities along with hospitalians have to look for ways to learn and execute the necessary changes in order to stay ahead of the market.

In essence, this year has been utterly dissimilar to all previous years - many refer to it as a "new normal" - providing a plench of contradictions to the industry when looking at hospitality in relation to the pre-pandemic era. Therefore, it is imperative to review the trends that have occurred and keep a close watch on them in 2022.
In this article, we will tackle all areas, from the evolution of consumer behavior and expectations to trends in hotel concepts, in order for you to stay abreast of the latest hotel developments and hospitality trends.

Below, we'll explore 4 leading trends in hospitality in 2022 that we expect to shape the upcoming decade. 

1. Cleanliness First

Prior to the global pandemic, hotel incentive, and retention programs were significant contributors to profit. However, nowadays, cleanliness has emerged as the primary motto, with the emphasis on health and safety at the forefront. The ascendancy of the called "clean generation" -a growing traveler segment that values cleanliness protocols above all else, demands a renewed effort by hotel operators to effectively convey, promote and enforce sanitation measures.
It is evident that the public is giving priority to being healthy throughout this pandemic, and will probably maintain that priority for a while afterward. Some notable developments in the industry including publications like the New York Times argue that the strongest buzzword in the hospitality industry now is "CLEAN" which can be translated into virus-free amenities.
As such to remain relevant and competitive in the hospitality industry, both restaurants and hotels ought to live up to the customer's demands of cleanliness.

2. Sustainability

Sustainable lodging appears to be gaining popularity with each passing day, with evidence that 73% of people who are global travelers are likely to spend at least one stay in an eco-friendly or "green" lodging as they hunt for their next trip to reservation. Furthermore, according to Booking (2019), 70% of travelers are more willing to reserve an amenity if they know that it's green, regardless of whether they're specifically after a sustainable stay or not.

Equally, there is evidence that giving back to a local community and planetary environment is meaningful, as reported in a Condé Nast Traveler survey, which revealed that 58% of travelers indicated that they would choose a property based on its approach on giving back to local people and the planet.

The path to sustainability doesn't have to be a roller coaster ride. There are many ways for hotels to make a sustainable impact. There are considerable benefits to developing a sustainability-based concept if properly mapped out and marketed in the most appropriate way. 

3. Electronic guest experiences & Contactless Technology

In particular, apps are increasingly prominent in shaping the way hoteliers operate their guest services offerings and they are now able to manage numerous facets of the guest cycle and customer experience. Naturally, the digital and touchless services trend has gathered additional momentum this year. Conventional customer-facing services are witnessing an overhaul, through the increased use of technology-assisted features including mobile check-in, contactless payments, speech control, and the use of biometrics.

The same convenience in accessing hotel rooms will be expected soon by guests who have grown accustomed to unlocking laptops and cell phones through facial and fingerprint identification. For properties seeking to welcome them, however, the cost of these upgrades can be steep to implement and sustain. However, if you are interested in remaining on the leading edge of the curve, we would advise you to delve deeply and commit to this particular investment.

4. Nomadic travel: embrace the concept of remote working

Various hotel groups have been innovative in introducing "work, stay, play" concepts to appeal to and accommodate the needs of the new digital nomads. The accommodations are marketed as both safe and serene for business, accompanied by food and beverage services as well as free on-site parking, along with other upgrades.
The Caribbean Islands such as Barbados, Bermuda, and Anguilla have rapidly seized on this trend, providing residency visas to telecommuters interested in exchanging their place of work for a convenient and temporary island getaway. It is anticipated that a large number of telecommuters will be more open to these offers in the upcoming year.

The world is constantly changing. As a result, the need to adapt to new technologies and learn new skills is a permanent fixture in the hospitality industry!  A great way to keep up with these changes is to be part of a team that implements them on a daily basis.  

We are pleased to work with luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants that are both customer-centric and people-centric, striving to provide an unforgettable experience for their staff and guests. To join their team, simply send your CV to info@placement-int.com  and our team will contact you soon. 


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