The rise of Veganism

The restaurant industry as a whole began to include more vegan options on their menus as the number of vegan restaurants around the world is increasing almost daily. New vegan culinary trends and different ways of eating are attracting worldwide attention.

Veganism 101

The restaurant industry needs to take notice and have a plan of action to meet the demand of vegan customers. Although many people are just beginning to learn about the vegan lifestyle due to its recent popularity, veganism has been around for some time. In fact, the word "vegan" was first used in the early 1940s by a group of vegetarians in England who rebelled to form their own organization, The Vegan Society. Their mission statement called for renouncing the use of all animal products. These products included but were not limited to meat, clothing, eggs, and dairy products.

Today, vegan choices include not eating any food or products that came from an animal. When it comes to culinary trends, veganism is one that has grown dramatically over the past decade, and even more so in recent years. Health-conscious consumers and animal rights advocates around the world are focused on following the vegan lifestyle.

The Vegan Trend

According to The Economist, 2019 has been "the year of the vegan," with the number of people choosing the vegan lifestyle increasing exponentially since that year. This popular culinary trend resonates differently with each individual, who all have their own reason for choosing the vegan lifestyle. In fact, according to national surveys and UN statistics, there are over 79 million vegans in the world today, with the United States experiencing the largest growth of 600% since 2014.

The increase in demand for vegan options 

As veganism becomes more mainstream in today's society, the need for vegan food options in restaurants becomes paramount. In fact, it is one of the most popular culinary trends of the decade and is even expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The current demand for plant-based recipes and creative beverage options continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

Keeping up with all the new transformations in creating vegan dishes for customers' dietary preferences is a wise move for operators and restaurant owners. Industry professionals know that limiting the availability of plant-based foods could be catastrophic, as it could cost them a significant amount of business. While the cost of ingredients for vegan recipes may cost restaurants a bit more, dedicated consumers seem to understand and are still willing to pay for what they want. Restaurants that respond to consumer demand for more inclusive vegan dishes will excel in their sales.

In fact, this vegan trend is spreading throughout the restaurant industry, with a significant increase in consumer demand for vegan dishes, and thus an increase in food sales for restaurant sources.

In response to customers' need for a variety of different vegan food options, more and better-tasting plant-based meat alternatives are popular choices. Vegan products like burgers, bacon, and sausages have taken the palate to a whole new level and consumers are loving these new options. This popular new meatless market is skyrocketing, with sales of vegan meat alternatives increasing by 75% between 2018 and 2021. And it doesn't stop there, as global sales of plant-based meat alternatives are expected to reach approximately $7.5 billion by 2025.

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