5 Reasons To Study in Spain

As the global travel industry has become so advanced, we have the world at our fingertips, which makes choosing a country to study a challenging process. Well not to worry! In this article, we will show why Spain should be on the top of your list.

Deciding to study abroad is a long process and one that can be very daunting. The reason why it is so intimidating is the number of options that we have! 

Studying abroad can boost your career prospects 

Let’s begin with the obvious: studying abroad is great! Ever since traveling abroad became an option, students have chosen to pack up their textbooks and take their education abroad. While many do this for fun and a new adventure, many make the choice because it can actually make a meaningful difference in their career.

However, this does not mean that you should pack up your things and move to the next country that catches your eye. When choosing a location to study, you should always try to find a country that matches your home country’s standards of education.

As a founding member of the EHEA, the Spanish government has set itself to the highest standards expected of European education, and boasts one of the highest populations of international students!

Spanish is the language to learn in 2022

Now, why should you do it in Spain?

Let’s start with the language: the official language is Spanish. Aside from being considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world, Spanish is also on the rise to becoming the most useful. Currently, Spanish is the second most natively spoken language in the world and the fourth most widely spoken language. With the majority of Latin America speaking Spanish, multiple European countries, and even a sizable portion of the USA, Spanish has comfortably secured its position as a titan of business language. Anyone who has Spanish on their resume can expect a huge step up from the rest of the crowd. As the birthplace of this globe-trotting language, Spain is the perfect place to learn it! With a language school on almost every corner of the main cities, a friendly population who will forgive your linguistic mistakes, and neighborhoods just begging to be explored, you could not ask for a better classroom.

Food, fun & festivities!

The 3 F's that make Spain an amazing country to live in! Let’s start with food. Food in Spain is not only a meal but an experience! You will witness groups of friends and families enjoying their food outside in the sun. No trip to Spain (or even Europe!) could be complete without sampling the Spanish way of dining and at the forefront of this are tapas.
For those who don’t know: tapas are small dishes of food to be shared with a group of friends, often with a beer, wine, or sangria. Generally, a group would order a couple of plates each and the members at the table would help themselves before making their way to the next stop to sample more. Aside from tapas, there are numerous culinary options for the hungry traveler to choose from and each region of Spain has its own unique style of cuisine.

From the decadent little pintxos (one-bite snacks, similar to tapas) of Catalunya to the simple but delicious Bocadillos de Calamares (baguettes stuffed with golden brown fried squid rings) of Madrid, you will never run out of things to try when in Spain! Speaking of trying new things, Spain has some of the most unique street festivals in the world! Here are just a few of the more famous examples:

  • Feria de Sevilla (Sevilla): An explosion of Spanish culture, La Feria de Sevilla is a yearly festival in April celebrating the beginning of spring. Filled with music, flamenco, and extravagant dresses, it’s a must-see for anyone in Andalusia (South of Spain).
  • Festes Major (Barcelona): A collection of festivals that happen all across the month of August in the various neighborhoods of Barcelona. The most famous of which is in Gracia, an already beautiful neighborhood, which becomes transformed into a multicolored paradise of the senses, as each street competes to be the most impressive using elaborate displays of cardboard and paper mache. 

Living in Europe for beginners! 

It is a perfect combination of the accessibility and development of Western Europe without the obscenely high costs of living. With a robust transportation system, universal and high-quality healthcare, and a wide range of commercial outlets, it is very unlikely that you will be left wanting more, no matter where you live in Spain. 

In addition to its high availability of services, Spain is more affordable in comparison to its neighbors.

One of the global capitals of hospitality 

It should come as no surprise that it attracts a large number of tourists every year. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, Spain was the second most visited country in 2018, earning $74 billion in revenue. With so much money going into it, the tourism industry is one that requires a lot of workers to maintain. 

It is worth mentioning that Placement International continues to have a partnership with one of the fastest-growing hospitality properties in the country. Through these properties, you will be able to get an accredited qualification and take part in paid work in Spain without having to worry about a visa. 

International students are able to obtain traineeships in the country without applying for a separate visa. If said student wishes to remain in the country after their study program finishes, they will be able to apply for a residency visa if they have stayed in the country long enough. So if you are wishing to gain a hospitality career in Europe, Spain may be the best choice for you.


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