Most Influential Faces in the Indian Hospitality Industry

The Indian hospitality industry has grown tremendously and has reached all corners of the world. Discover some of the figures that represent the modern face of the Indian hospitality industry.

The Indian hospitality industry has grown tremendously and has reached all corners of the world.  In this article, we focus on highlighting some of the most influential figures in the Indian hotel industry.


Sanjeev Kapoor

Ranked 34th in the Forbes list of India's top 100 celebrities and author of over 200 bestsellers, Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the most renowned figures in Indian television. His show Khana Khazana was among the most pioneering culinary shows broadcasted on Zee. It is no surprise that he enjoys a massive fan base of all ages, genders, and nationalities. Sanjeev Kapoor further holds the distinction of being the world's sole celebrity chef with his channel known as FoodFood.

He has appeared on cooking shows around the world with famous culinary personalities like Rachel Ray. His www.sanjeevkapoor.com website, with over 15,000 recipes, draws over 10 million monthly visitors and more than 5.4 million followers on Facebook.  Moreover, his sanjeevkapoorkhazana YouTube channel is extremely popular with over 2 million subscribers.  There's no doubt why he is one of the most influential faces of India.


Madhur Jaffrey

Delhi-born, Madhur Jaffrey arrived in England at the age of 19 to pursue her studies in acting at RADA and her passion for comedy. While in London, she desperately missed her family's cuisine and her mother would send her some recipes to learn how to cook.
She acted in English television, film, and radio programs, and then relocated to New York City, where she started writing about food to earn an income and pay for her children's education. This venture into food writing resulted in best-selling books and subsequent television programs, which were made in vogue by Madhur's outspoken nature.


Nita Mehta

Having launched the most extensive cookbook publishing house in India, Nita Mehta has published more than 600 cookbooks, including three international award winners. She also conducts a variety of cooking shows in numerous countries, and her Delhi-based cooking institute, Nita Mehta Cooking Classes, is extremely well respected and popular.


Saransh Goila

This young chef has been making waves in the food industry with his television programs "Roti Rasta aur India" and "Healthy Fridge". He made his first jalebi at the tender age of 12 and has not looked behind. Thriving in Italian cuisine, Goila equally enjoys amazing his followers with contemporary spins on traditional Indian dishes. He is the holder of the Limca world record for the world's longest road trip by a chef ( he covered 20,000 km across India by road in 100 days.


Manish Mehrotra

The confident figure behind Indian Accent (a fine dining restaurant in Delhi), Manish Mehrotra has consistently been acclaimed for his modern additions to conventional Indian cuisine. His awards include 'Foodistan', a cooking game show hosted by NDTV GoodTimes, Best Chef Award in 2010 and 2012, HT City Crystal Awards, Vir Sanghvi Award, and American Express Chef of the Year Award. 

India is one of the most influential countries.  Its cuisine is acclaimed and renowned all over the world and the influential people mentioned above play an important role in not only supporting the sector but also in developing it.  The hospitality industry is a very broad sector.


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