The Post-Pandemic State of India's Hospitality Industry

With the coronavirus pandemic obliterating profits, the Indian hospitality industry is in a complete state of distress. According to analysts, it will require several years for the industry to fully recover. This is an opportunity to develop new skills and grow professionally abroad in order to gain a competitive advantage in the labor market as soon as the industry starts recovering.

The Indian hospitality industry has been one of the most severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The ensuing shutdowns and the economic deceleration have devastated both earnings and profitability. As the second wave of the virus emerged earlier this year, the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) desperately appealed to the authorities for assistance to rescue the industry from impending downfall.


The Hospitality Industry is on its knees

Hospitality executives and analysts note that loan repayments have been difficult in the face of the challenging economic environment. With reduced travel and a downturn in the economy, the impact of the pandemic on luxury hotel groups nationwide has been overwhelming.
Almost all of the associated segments of the hospitality industry including but not limited to meetings, conventions, restaurants, travel and tourism, weddings and family entertainment have come to a halt as a direct result of the pandemic's negative repercussions.

Careers at Stake

Numerous hotel groups have implemented various measures, including holding off on new recruitments, partly shutting down entire hotel floors, and restaurant closures, among other things. In some instances, they also initiated the process of downsizing jobs.
The emblematic Hyatt Regency hotel located close to the airport in Mumbai has been provisionally shut down due to financial constraints.

Marriott International released a statement earlier this year indicating it would soon be starting to furlough tens of thousands of employees worldwide. The chain runs over 84 properties in India, and according to hotel owners, these properties and the staff who are employed at these properties have also been impacted by the group's policy.

In conjunction with announcements of personnel dismissals, unpaid leaves of absence, hotel shutdowns, and the deferral of additional hotel developments, multiple leading chains estimate that a more normalized business environment is likely to occur again when the volume of foreign tourism resumes. However, the probability of such a short-term upturn is questionable, which casts a cloud over the prospects for the hospitality industry and workers. 

The solution for hospitality workers: The US J1 Visa

Being laid off has never been an easy thing to deal with.  For some, it takes months, even years, to get back on their feet, and being laid off because the industry is on its knees can be even more difficult, as finding another job depends primarily on the industry's recovery.  But what to do in such circumstances?
Have you ever considered developing your skills and improving your employability?  A good approach may be to develop your career abroad to acquire new skills and grow as a professional.  Indeed, hospitality skills are in high demand in many countries, including the United States, the Middle East, and most European countries.  
Therefore, if the job market has become uncertain and your job is in jeopardy or you have just been laid off, don't be too stressed.  Think about the possibility of developing your career abroad.  While you wait for the industry to recover, you can apply for jobs abroad.  The U.S., for example, offers the J1 program for young professionals who want to develop their careers and learn more about American culture.
While the U.S. hospitality industry once lagged behind the Indian industry, it has recovered but needs foreign workers.  This means that at some point, India will be on the same stage.  Why not take advantage of this opportunity to go to the US via the J1 program to develop and come back to India when opportunities start to present themselves again.  Your resume will thank you and this experience will give you a competitive edge in the job market.
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