Sustainability is taking over the hospitality industry

Sustainability has not only become a trend over the past years, but also a point of attention for governments and environmental organizations from all over the world. The following article takes a look at why sustainability is so important for both the present and future of the hospitality industry.

The foundation of this emerging concept is based on protecting the environment and the planet so that future generations will still benefit from the natural gifts and resources of Earth. In the 21st century, sustainability has become one of the keys to business success, with more than 70% of travelers preferring eco-sustainable hotels over traditional hotels (booking.com).

Trend or call to action?

Many hotels and restaurants worldwide are currently focusing their efforts on becoming more sustainable, circular, socially responsible, and eco-conscious. Even though many people view sustainability as just a trend happening in recent years, this movement is a call to action brought to attention by numerous organizations, such as the United Nations. Environmental activists like Greta Thunberg are asking world leaders to treat these issues with urgency and start implementing measures to diminish their damaging effects. 

Hospitality and sustainability 

Sustainability has spread its word to almost all industries and with no doubt, hospitality is one of them.  Hotels and restaurants around the world practice sustainability on all three levels: people, planet, and profit (Cavagnaro & Curiel, 2012). Therefore, it is important for a company to include other matters on their sustainability agenda besides protecting the environment, such as promoting a good work-life balance, gender equity, local and ethical sourcing. 

Eco-friendly properties

There are numerous hospitality outlets around the world that practice sustainability and here are a few of them: 

  • Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona, Spain

Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona prides itself on having impactful initiatives, such as recycling, using renewable energy, reducing waste, promoting local artists, and supporting women. 

  • The Little Nell, Aspen, USA

This hotel invested in numerous eco-friendly projects, such as food composting program, electric car charging stations, and an eco-luxe program for reducing water, reusing water bottles, and using bicycles.

  • The Ranch at Rock Creek, Philipsburg USA

The Ranch is a unique property that focused on sustainability since its beginnings: single-use plastic elimination, reduced emissions, local sourcing, water conservation, donations, and involvement in the local community. 

  • Jumeirah Al Naseem, Dubai, UAE

Besides reducing water and energy consumption, reusing and recycling materials, Jumeirah has been actively involved in the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation program, which saves sick and injured turtles from local waters.

It is with no doubt that sustainability has become such a massive part of our lives, from the ethically-sourced coffee that we drink or the reusable tote bag that we love so much, this topic cannot be overlooked. For a hospitality company, going green is a way to remain relevant in the eyes of younger generations, leading to better customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. 

The best of them all? We are working together with all these eco-friendly hotels and you too can become a part of them and contribute to the shared goal of making the world a better place for future generations. Whether it’s Spain, USA, or UAE, you can take your career to the next dimension and integrate sustainability into your professional efforts. For more information, you can contact info@placement-int.com or simply create a profile on the Placement International website. Discover the world of luxury hospitality combined with sustainability!


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