Success stories: Indian immigrants who succeeded in the US

Indian immigrants established a hospitality sector in the 1960s that their offspring and great-grandchildren have grown into an empire. The US motel industry is now thriving with the great work of the Patel family.

Immigrants are known to make a success from their story, wherever they go. Last month we heard about immigrant chefs and their famous adventures in the US, now it’s time to praise the moteliers who made a name for themselves.

The emergence of Indian immigrants in the American motel sector is reflected in Patel and their family's success. When Gujarati immigrants began applying their commercial savvy to the US motel industry in the 1960s, the so-called "Patel motel" phenomenon was born. For instance, by 1987, Chan Patel had expanded his company from one modest motel to thirteen. He currently owns eight hotels with his two sons, including brands like Hilton, Best Western, and Marriott, six of which are located in New York City and are run by his sons.

Inheriting the spirit of entrepreneurship and strong work ethic from their parents and grandparents, the children of the Patel family are now working towards new business development and innovation. According to the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Patels are thought to own between 80 and 90 percent of the motels in small towns. According to other statistics, Indian-Americans now own one out of every two motels in the United States, which is inspiring immigrants all over the world to pursue their dreams and succeed in the hospitality industry.

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