Signature Chef Recipes : Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington

Nobody can deny Ramsay's unique flare in the kitchen, but how does he make his signature dish? Check our blog post to find out

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most influential and well respected chefs in the world. With his multiple award winning restaurants across the world, critically acclaimed cookbooks and famously “colourful” language in his various tv appearances, Gordon Ramsay is arguably the biggest figure in British cuisine. As such, Ramsay’s signature dish is his own spin on one of the most iconic, classical British culinary recipes to have existed: the Beef Wellington  

Essentially, the Beef Wellington consists of a steak fillet covered with pate de foie gras, then wrapped in pastry and baked. The basic origins of the Beef Wellington date back to England  as early as the latter half of the 1700’s! The dish was first popularised and named because of  Arthur Wellesley, the general famous for beating Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo and gaining the title “The Duke of Wellington” 

Wellesley was a frequently picky eater, so much so that his culinary workers often quit in frustration as their talents went unappreciated. However there was one dish that the Duke would love so much that he’d always order his culinary staff to make it for his guests- this dish would then be called the Beef Wellington.

The Beef Wellington would enjoy a firm place in the English culinary scene, even making waves abroad (it was reportedly one of Richard Nixon’s favourites!) But would gain the most popularity when Gordon Ramsay picked it up as his favourite, signature dish. Wanting to get a culinary career in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant? Well this kind of recipe is exactly where to start.

Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington

What you’ll need

2 x 400g beef fillets 
Olive oil
500g of mixed wild mushrooms (don’t forget to clean them!) 
1 thyme sprig, leaves only 
½ kilo puff pastry 
8 slices of Parma ham 
2 egg yolks, beaten with 1 tbsp water and a pinch of salt
Sea salt and recently ground black pepper

For the sauce: 

 olive oil
 200g beef trimmings (these can normally be requested at the butcher when ordering the fillets)
4 large shallots, peeled and sliced 
12 black peppercorns 
1 bay leaf 
1 sprig of thyme 
Dash of red wine vinegar 
1 x 750ml bottle red wine
 750ml beef stock

Step 1

Wrap each fillet of beef in plastic wrap (make sure it is tight to set the shape!) and leave it in the fridge overnight

Step 2

After removing the plastic, sear the beef fillet for 40-60 seconds, ensuring the outside is brown while the inside remains rare. Remove the beef from the pan and leave it to cool down

Step 3

Cut the mushrooms finely and fry in the frying pan with olive oil, the Thyme and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Continue to fry over a high heat until the excess moisture is gone and you are left with a paste like consistency. Remove this paste and leave to cool

Step 4

Cut the puff pastry in half and put  each piece on a lightly floured surface. Mold each piece into a rectangle big enough to cover your beef fillets and place in the fridge

Step 5

Lay a sheet of plastic wrap on your cooking surface and put 4 slices of your parma ham in the middle, slightly overlapping in the shape of a square. Spread half of your mushroom paste evenly on this square

Step 6

Season one of your beef fillets and use the plastic wrap to envelope the ham around said fillet. Roll and tie the ends of the plastic wrap to get a satisfyingly even log. Repeat step 5 and 6 with your other fillet and chill both for 30 mins 

Step 7

Move the beef from the plastic wrap  and nvelope the beef fillets in the pastry. Coat the pastry in the whisked egg yolks and wrap with plastic wrap. Leave this in the fridge for 30 mins

Step 8

While waiting, now is the time to make your sauce. Heat the olive oil in a large pan and fry the beef trimmings until golden brown. Add the shallots, pepper, thyme and bay leaf, stirring frequently until the shallots are also golden (around 5 mins) 

Step 9

Pour in the vinegar and boil until almost fully reduced. Now pour in your wine and let it boil until the same effect is achieved. Add the beef stock and bring back to the boil. Let the sauce simmer for an hour, removing any foam from the surface. Strain the sauce and add seasoning where necessary.

Step 10

When you are ready to cook the Beef Wellingtons preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius/ Gas 6. Slash the pastry with a blade or a sharp knife to allow it to expand during baking and bake for 15-20 mins until the pastry is golden and cooked through. Allow to cool for 10 mins before carving 

Step 11

Reheat the sauce and serve as an accompaniment to the Beef Wellington

Step 12

Enjoy and reflect on how much of an awesome chef you would be in 1800’s England 

The Duke of Wellington may not be around anymore, but there are plenty of other picky mouths to feed in your culinary career! If you are looking for a job in one of our luxury partners (including some owned by Ramsay himself!) Then contact us today at info@placement-int.com  


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