Best Hotel profile: Sea Island Resort

Nestled in a little corner of the magnificent Georgia coast lies Sea Island, read our latest blog post to find out why this beautiful hotel should be on your hospitality radar

Hospitality is an industry that prides itself on constantly exceeding expectations. As guest satisfaction is at the very centre of a hotel’s business model, the standards that they hold themselves to is the key to their success. As a result, we can see a huge number of properties (both hotels and restaurants) that hold significant prestige in the industry.

However, even in a business that is saturated with impressive characters, there are still many that shine through and continue to prove their exceptional calibre. We are going to be highlighting some of these properties to give them the attention they deserve, starting wiiiiith…

Sea Island Resort 

Sea Island Resort began with the opening of a small hotel called The Cloister by Automobile business mogul  Howard Coffin. Upon exploring the Southern Coast of the US, Coffin was enamoured with the idea of utilizing this beautiful serenity that the coast of Georgia has to offer to create a little piece of Nirvana to locals and tourists alike. In 1928, this dream was finally made a reality with the creation of The Cloister 

The essential idea of this property was to be a small, friendly, family-style hotel that embodies all of the warmth and wholesome energy that Southern Hospitality is known for

Sea Island now 

Sea Island, and hospitality in general, has come a long way since 1928. The friendly little hotel on the coast of Georgia has now blossomed into a full blown resort, complete with a golf course, multiple man-made water features, pools as well as a sister hotel, a luxury spa and an award winning modern-southern style restaurant. Through its two hotels, restaurant and spa, Sea Island Resort is the only resort with four facilities that have won 5 Forbes stars for 12 years consecutively.

Aside from its long list of amenities, Sea Island also holds a significant amount of prestige from its role in diplomacy and politics. Starting from a visit by then president Calvin Collidge, who visited the resort in its opening year and posed for photos of him planting an oak tree. Many US presidents have now visited the resort to continue the tradition of planting oak trees and many other important characters have followed suit. In fact, the property is the only one in the USA to have hosted the G8 summit in the USA.

Despite its huge growth, Sea Island Resort still prides itself on maintaining its warm and friendly atmosphere. To quote its website: 

“As the resort has evolved through the years, the simple traditions that define Sea Island have been preserved. The same children who once played on the shore years ago now bring their children and grandchildren to play on the same beach. Couples celebrate their golden anniversaries where they honeymooned.”


How can I work there?

Unfortunately, applying to hotels in the USA (and most of the world) has become somewhat difficult due to the COVID 19 crisis. Fortunately this does not apply to Sea Island! Through the J1 visa, you will be able to begin a program with Sea Island at the beginning of 2021. Meaning you can be trained during the slow months of the early year and get ready for the beautiful Georgia Summer and peak season that goes with it!


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