Secret perks no one told you about working on a Cruise Ship!

Jobs on Cruise Lines have become a more adventurous and enticing option, compared to their more traditional counterpart, for many who wish to pursue a career in hospitality. With the leading global Cruise Lines counting down the days to set sail again, as soon as the travel lockdown is lifted, the demand for Crew Members will be immense! That is why I am here to spill all of the secrets about the amazing perks of working on a Cruise Ship.

  1. The Money

Obviously this is the first question everyone has when looking at a job: How much can I earn? On cruise lines, the answer is: A LOT! The pay on cruise ships is actually one of its best benefits. You might think you could be earning around the same amount in a similar job on land, but as all of your needs for your life at sea are catered to by the cruise line, there are next to no expenses for you. This means that all of your earnings go straight into your pocket; and did I mention, this is all tax-free? This is a great way to build up some generous savings, while getting paid to travel the world! 

  1. The Benefits

The benefits that come with working on a cruise liner are some of the best across the board. 

Firstly, crew members are provided with free accommodation, meals, uniform and laundry service during their life onboard. This means, no rent, no utilities and no bills!

In addition, they receive comprehensive medical insurance, paid air travel to and from the port, in addition to other travel benefits and discounts, even for family! 

Work contracts usually range from 6-8 months with a vacation period of 2-3 months at the end of each contract. Therefore, although you may be spending a long time at sea, you have a generous holiday and a guaranteed job afterwards. 

Job security in the cruise industry  is one of the best, as the industry prefers to renew job contracts of existing crew members, with many working for the same cruise line for even decades. There is also a great opportunity for career advancement through cross-training opportunities and with contract renewals. Therefore, even though you may start at the bottom, you can quite quickly work your way upwards in the ranks, and improve your position. 

  1. The Amenities

Crew members have access to all of the amenities on the ship in their free time, or when the ship is in port. This includes the pool, spa, gym and other activities, which means that you can pursue your hobbies and exercise in your free time. In addition, crew members also have access to ‘crew only’ areas, such as private dining halls and lounges. There are also fun activities organized such as excursions, movie nights, live shows and bingo games! 

  1. The Travel 

I don’t think a better way exists to travel and see so much of the world, than by working on a cruise ship. Nowadays cruise liners have ports in pretty much every major location in the world, not to mention the more remote paradise islands which are impossible to reach by plane! On just one cruise contract you can soak up the sun on the Caribbean islands, wander the cobble stoned streets in the Mediterranean, immerse yourself in culture and heritage in North Africa and stroll down Copacabana in Brazil. You will go to sleep in one city, and wake up in another, all while being paid to do so.  

While the ship is in port, you are encouraged to disembark and explore the amazing sites that are on offer. Cruise lines offer a variety of different route options for their cruises, so you can make sure to have the chance to explore all that the world has to offer! 

Not only do you have the chance to travel, and explore, but travelling is known to help you grow both personally and professionally. Experiencing new and different places helps you become more open-minded and understanding, which are great life skills to take you further in any future career.

  1. The People

Last, but definitely not least, the people you will meet during your travels is one of the biggest perks of cruise life. Not only is the clientele aboard the ships diverse and international, so are the crew and your colleagues. Crew aboard cruise ships are known to come from diverse countries and cultures, so you are bound to meet new and interesting people, and maybe even brush up on your language skills! Many crew members build friendships and relationships for a lifetime from their time on board. 

You will have the chance to develop your communication, teamwork and leadership skills in an unprecedented way, in an amazingly diverse and multicultural environment. 

Now the secrets are out, and you know exactly how great life on the decks can be! The cruise lifestyle is definitely a unique and exciting one, full of amazing experiences, new horizons and lifelong friendships. If these benefits sound irresistible, and you would like to find out how to get a job on a cruise ship contact us here to set sail towards your new adventure!!


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