Chefs Who Helped During the Quarantine

Chefs. What comes to mind when you hear this word? Food? Cooking? Culinary? How about we add to that: Generosity. Amidst this pandemic, chefs have certainly stepped up.

From providing fresh meals to communities in need to holding fundraisers for front liners, these chefs have been doing everything they can to help others in this crisis.

Check out these people who are great chefs but even more amazing people.

Here are 3 chefs who helped during this global crisis:

  1. José Andrés - World Central Kitchen (WCK) is Pulitzer Peace Prize-nominee José Andrés’ non-profit organization. WCK has taken on the global task of feeding communities in need in the midst of natural disasters and man-made disasters. With the current pandemic, partnerships with local kitchens and chefs are distributing meals with schools that don’t have classes to families and children who have limited access to food, to the elderly that cannot go outside and to the health care workers on the frontlines.
  2. Marcus Samuelsson - Red Rooster’s Head Chef has partnered with José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen and Food Rescue US-Miami to use his soon-to-open restaurant branch in Miami as a kitchen to feed those in need. This branch is called Red Rooster Overtown and is the sister restaurant of his famed Red Rooster in Harlem, NYC which has also been servicing the community by providing free meals.
  3. Roy Choi - The creator of the gourmet Korean-Mexican taco truck Kogi has also helped during this Pandemic. He partnered up with the Richie-Madden Foundation to collect donations that fund free Kogi tacos for LA communities in need and is delivered by the famous food truck that started his craze. 

    We know you can’t wait to start traveling again but it’s crucial to stay positive and to help each other out by thinking about others. Even small gestures like donating $5, or just wearing a mask when you go outside. A little will always go a long way. 

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