Opportunities for foreign hospitality workers in Europe

The European tourism and hospitality industry remains one of the most important sectors in the world. Despite the impact of the global pandemic, this industry is stabilizing but requires the recruitment of foreign workers to fully recover.


Europe, once a proverbial hotbed for the pandemic, has now seen an extraordinary drop in its cases and with the vaccine being administered to millions for free, life is back to normal!. This has led most EU States to reopen their borders and allow business practices to occur as normal.  For those wanting to see what working in the hospitality industry after Covid looks like,  look no further than the European Union. 

Staff Shortage in the  European Hospitality Industry

While the jobs are there and properties are still hiring, the main problem the sector is facing is the shortage of staff. The majority of hospitality employees in Europe, lost their jobs during the pandemic, as most hotels and restaurants had no choice but to close their doors due to confinement policies.  During that time, most people took the time to study, learn new skills, and ended up switching industries to clerical and other 9-to-6 jobs. Now that the industry has reopened and the tourism boom is being felt throughout Europe, the main challenge is to fill all the open positions.  

Ikos Andalusia (Image source: Sando)
                                                         Ikos Andalusia (Image source: Sando)

The solution

To get the sector back on its feet, more people need to be hired thus, the European hospitality industry needs your help.  The solution to this problem is simple - EU member states need more foreign professionals to help strengthen and boost this great continent’s hospitality industry.  Due to the reluctance of most former employees to return to their positions, foreign hospitalians, are in high demand. Therefore, the staffing shortage in Europe necessitates the recruitment of as many foreign workers as possible, regardless of their nationalities.  

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