MOU Ceremony at Thang Long University

Discover the latest insights from Placement International's blog about the MOU ceremony at Thang Long University. Learn about our partnership with this prestigious institution and how we are working together to provide students with exciting opportunities to kickstart their careers in the hospitality industry.

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting news of our recent visit to Thang Long University in Vietnam, where we had the honor of attending the MOU Ceremony for the cooperation program of Internships in the US and European countries. This initiative will provide opportunities for students and alumni of the Management major Hotel/Tourism of Thang Long University to gain invaluable international experience in the hospitality industry.

During our visit, we were impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the faculty and staff of Thang Long University. The university is committed to providing its students with a high-quality education that prepares them for successful careers in the hospitality industry. It was evident from our interactions with the students that they are eager to learn and eager to gain practical experience in a global context.

The MOU ceremony was a momentous occasion, as it marked the official partnership between Thang Long University and Placement International. We are excited to collaborate with the university to offer Paid Internships in the US and European countries, which will enable students and alumni to gain practical experience in some of the world's leading hotels and resorts. This is a unique opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in a different culture, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience that will enhance their career prospects. We are proud to partner with Thang Long University on this exciting venture, and we look forward to supporting the students and alumni as they embark on this new adventure.



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