How to get a green card

Getting a US green card is certainly not an easy process, but with the right information, it can be carried out successfully. Read more about it!

As an international working in the United States, you may be eligible to apply for a green card.

What is a green card?

A US green card, or permanent resident card, allows an individual to live and work in the US indefinitely. It also gives you access to government benefits such as Medicaid and Medicare.

What does a green card give you?

The Permanent Resident Card, or Green Card will:

  • Provide you with official immigration status in the US.
  • Give you specific rights and obligations.
  • Be necessary to naturalize as a citizen of the United States.

How to find out if you’re eligible?

You must first determine whether you fall into one of the categories stated on the USCIS website before you can submit an application for a Green Card. Once you've identified the category that might apply to your circumstances, click to learn more about the eligibility requirements, the application process, and whether or not your family members may also apply.

Steps of getting the green card

If you're planning to move to the United States and want to get a green card, then you're going to need to know what steps you need to take in order to make it happen.

Getting a US green card is not an easy process, but it is possible. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete an application for permanent residence (Form I-485). You can find this form online at www.uscis.gov, or you can get it from any USCIS office.
  2. File your application with USCIS. You must file your application in person at a local USCIS office. Your application will be rejected if you mail it to the wrong location or send it by courier service instead of delivering it yourself in person.
  3. Get fingerprinted and photographed by an authorized fingerprinting service or by an authorized USCIS employee at an interview appointment (if applicable).
  4. If you do not have a medical exam performed by an authorized medical professional, file Form I-693 with USCIS within 30 days after being notified that you are required to do so (#3 above).

Do you want to migrate to the United States and start a new adventure? Make sure to contact us today by filling out this form and we’ll provide you with the best opportunities. And, who knows? Perhaps you’ll even be able to get your green card!



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