Easter traditions around the world

Easter is celebrated so differently around the world, but which are some interesting Easter traditions that are still kept to this today? Read on to find out!

Easter is celebrated in many various ways around the world, and while Western customs like egg coloring and Easter bunny hunting are immensely entertaining, they represent just a small percentage of the actual number of customs. There are numerous unique Easter traditions around the world, from religious ceremonies to fun and charming annual events rooted in history.

Easter egg hunt - USA

In the United States, the Easter Bunny hides sweets and colorful eggs for kids to find. Following the egg hunt, the well-known "Easter Egg Roll" starts, in which all the kids roll an egg simultaneously down a hill in the hopes that their own egg will win the race. Not only that, but the White House has allowed kids to roll an egg along the grass of the presidential mansion since 1878 as part of this Easter tradition.

Water fight - Poland

Because of the "smigus-dyngus" tradition, Easter Monday is a “rainy” day in Poland. Young groups engage in street water fights, with water guns and buckets. The females are the primary targets since it is thought that if they are thoroughly soaked, they will get married in a year.

Decorating eggs - Ukraine

One of the key characteristics that set Easter celebrations apart from others is the presence of eggs. However, because to their exquisiteness, there is one location where they are particularly well-known. The Easter eggs known as "pysanka" are customarily adorned in Ukraine. They are wax coated to make them more robust and to allow decorating with many delicate works of art (especially religious or geometrical).

Recreating Jesus’ journey - Jerusalem

Jerusalem, where Jesus spent his final days, is one of the best places to observe a more religious version of Easter. His journey, which is well-recorded in the holy books, passed through numerous places that still exist today. For this reason, many Christians recreate Jesus' final steps to feel more spiritually connected.

Fertility willow ritual - Slovakia & Czech Republic

Before Christianity, there were many fertility ceremonies associated with the rebirth of nature that were celebrated around Easter. These Easter traditions are still practiced in some nations like Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The women are struck with bundles of willow branches to promote good health, fertility, and beauty. Why willow, specifically? Because it’s one of the earliest trees to bloom in the spring and it’s said to have a greater power of fertility.

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