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Placement International and Four Seasons/ Marriott/ Hyatt/ Hilton/ Omni/ Peninsula/ Mandarin Oriental and many hotels & resorts have developed visa j-1 Bridge USA hotel internship programs for participants who are interested in further developing their skills and knowledge in the United States within the hospitality industry. This USA Hotel internship program provides practical and functional trainings in all management aspects within those departments, starting from entry level jobs to supervisory tasks.

These US internship and training programs provide practical and functional trainings in all operational and managerial aspects within the different hotel or restaurant departments such as:

  • Rooms Division (Front Office, Concierge, Guest Services, Housekeeping, Reservations...)
  • Food and Beverage (Restaurant, Catering, Room Service, Bar...)
  • Culinary (Kitchen)
  • Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources
  • Spa, Golf, Recreation and Sport installations

Location and duration of internships and trainings

Placement International’s hospitality J-1 internships and trainings take place mainly in the US most attractive cities like New York, Miami, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Aspen. The duration of the program vary from 4 to 12 months and depends on candidate’s preferences.

Internship and training objectives

The objectives of a US hotel internship and training programs are to further develop the participant’s knowledge, skills, and competencies from entry level jobs to supervisory tasks through a combination of structured training assignments. Further, upon completion of this program the participant will be able to clearly demonstrate solid management capabilities.

Acquisition of skill-set

Successful participation and completion of this hotel internship or training program will provide the visa J-1 participant with development of a broad range of managerial capabilities and competencies in the field of hospitality. The visa J-1 intern or trainee will reach a higher level of professionalism so that he may apply his newly-acquired knowledge and skills upon return to his home country. Basic skills an intern or trainee will be exposed to are:

  • Client/guest awareness
  • Communication
  • Conflict management techniques
  • Cultural and social behavior
  • Conflict management techniques
  • Decision making and implementation
  • Leadership - motivation and building trust
  • Organizational/departmental strategies
  • Negotiation for win-win in guest services
  • Supervisory skills

Supervision and evaluation

The intern or trainee will be supervised by a senior department manager. The host organization will provide feedback evaluations from clients/guests when available. Interns or trainees are usually evaluated after three months, six months, and then get a final completion evaluation.

Supervision and evaluation

Justification for on-the-job training

On-the-job training is incorporated into the hospitality intern or trainee program in order to reinforce formal classroom learning by allowing the intern the opportunity to apply learned skills and to develop expertise through hands-on practice under close supervision. It is essential for two reasons:

1. Much of the training needs to be acquired by actually participating in the processes or in meetings with the persons that are responsible for performing specific functions within an operation or organization.
2. On-the-job training opportunities allow U.S. interns and trainees to develop relationships with persons or entities who are able to provide them with problem solving resources and skills which will assist them in performing their jobs at a higher standard upon return to the home country.

Financial arrangement

The visa J-1 participant will receive payment for his practical training period. The stipend will vary from $1,750 USD to $6,000 USD per month (this depends on the candidate’s profile, location and position offered). The visa J-1 intern or trainee will be responsible for the expenses associated with traveling from their home country to the training location.

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