How to become a Hotel Manager?

So you want to become a hotel manager? A highly respectable career choice but as I’m sure you know it is not an easy journey! How can you prepare for this role?

In order to become a good Hotel Manager you’ll need to have exceptional organization and interpersonal skills, as well as the responsibility to work under pressure and the initiative to constantly solve customer problems – remember the customer is always right! Not to mention that you’ll need to be a motivating, assured and confident leader who raises the morale of their employees, knowing how to get the best out of them.

Hopefully after reading this you haven’t already changed career goals, because as daunting as it all may sound, the hotel manager’s responsibility put simply is to uphold the happiness of his guests. Rather than seeing this as a chore, be optimistic towards this responsibility, because it is immensely fulfilling to provide people with joy as your occupation.

Start your journey
In the hospitality industry, understanding is vital as it is really valued to have an experience of the entry-level roles. You will have to find a starting role, for example as a trainee or intern in the F&B department, to first hand see the processes behind running a hotel. It probably goes without saying but you will be much more capable at managing certain roles if you have prior experience in them. Once your foot is in the door, your social and personality skills will naturally develop, and so you have taken the first steps of your transformation into a hospitality professional.

Take new opportunities
To make real strides in the industry, you’ll need to go above and beyond in your job performance. Remind yourself that your hard work will be worth it in the end, so persevere through the tough times that may make you want to quit. When new opportunities come, be it a new role or a promotion abroad in a renowned hotel, you need to rise to the challenge. This is essential to growing and bolstering your hospitality repertoire. Going abroad is a very good way to expand your experiences and your knowledge, especially as you will be ushered out of your comfort zone and surrounded by fresh people’s ideas.
Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of your priorities, so keep your mind sharp for any way to enhance their experience even if it is beyond your role’s duties. Furthermore, with the magnitude of this industry, you should ensure that you stand out to your hotel managers by pressing them for any opportunities to shadow them or be an apprentice. Management will love that you are taking initiative to learn and improve the hotel - keep in mind that most hotel managers are promoted internally! I would recommend that you keep a journal so you can note down any improvements, tips or struggles that you have remembered from all of your experiences. Working your way up through the ranks won’t be easy nor a fast process, so enjoy the ride and the responsibilities that come along the way!

Be prepared when the management opportunity comes
After the years of working your way up the ladder, your chance will come but remember to remain patient as there is no guarantee you will get the first management position that you apply for, or even the next five! However, with the right work ethic and experience, you will eventually reach your goal, and when this day comes stay ready and humble. When becoming manager, it is no time to sit back and relax, but instead it is your chance to showcase the skills and knowledge that you have learnt to your employees who could have the same end goal as you. Be the manager that you wished you had, and you’ll win over their trust in no time. You should aim to keep a transparent relationship with your employees, remaining empathetic and adaptable to their tasks, so they see you as a human being too.

If you follow this guideline then you have embarked on your journey to becoming a hotel manager. Keep in mind that this is not the only way to achieve your goal, you may spot new opportunities on your path or you may even fall in love with a new career! Finally, always keep your final goal in mind for motivation and enjoy the voyage ahead!

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