Best Restaurant Profiles: Hermanos Torres

Could Cocina Hermanos Torres be the best restaurant in Barcelona? Read below to see why.

The culinary arts have inspired many exceptional, talented chefs from around the world to demonstrate and share their abilities with the public. As a result, so many high-quality restaurants have sprung up in some of the world's culture and art capitals that can be considered to be of a “legendary” standard. Restaurants such as these are managed (both creatively and literally) by some of the top minds of the industry. The food served in this tier of restaurant tells its very own story and attracts customers not just from the city but from the entire world!


While there are untold millions of restaurants in the world, only a few deserve the status of being a “legendary restaurant”. Today I will be talking about just one of them: Cocina Hermanos Torres.


Cocina Hermanos Torres is a restaurant located in the heart of one of Spain’s culturalc centers: Barcelona. The restaurant is owned by two brothers : Sergio and Javier Torres and proudly carries two michelin stars for both their enchanting food and charming innovative design. So what about this sets them apart from some of the other best restaurants in barcelona?


The Torres Brothers and their vision


Sergio and Javier Torres would begin their journey into the culinary world at a very young age. They gained the techniques, meaning and passion for food from their grandmother, a talented chef who would go on to serve the wealthiest residents of the state of Catalunya.


The brothers would quickly be inspired to take up their own project in the world of cooking, splitting from each other to individually tour around some of the best restaurants in Spain and later the world. It was this ability to split off and learn that truly allowed them to gain a strong foundational culinary knowledge. As Javier himself put it “ Together this knowledge is amplified, as he has one knowledge base and I have another, which both combine.”


The Food


While the Torres Brothers have adapted their cooking methods, ingredients and techniques throughout their career, their signature style has remained consistent. Essentially, the idea behind their food is to use traditional ingredients and recipes from their childhood with a haute, modern twist. Through this style, the Torres brothers aim to paint the stories of their lives through their food to share with their guests.


The Architecture 


Most restaurants that are considered to be “legendary” do not exclusively focus on their food, but aim to create an all encompassing experience that mystifies customers from the moment that they walk through the door, Hermanos Torres is no stranger to this concept. The way the restaurant pulls this effect off is through the architecture of their premises. Developed from an 800 m2 abandoned warehouse, in conjunction with the Office of Architecture in Barcelona, the building is a revolutionary concept in the culinary world.


The vision of the brothers is to blur the divide between the kitchen, the service and the customers themselves, to create a more inclusive dining experience while also allowing customers the opportunity to watch the entire journey of the food. To achieve this, the restaurant features its kitchen in the very middle of the premises, while also having very few individual rooms. The restaurant also uses lights tactically in order to illuminate the food and enhance the customers “show”


Overall, Cocina Hermanos Torres has succeeded in becoming one of the most influential and luxurious restaurants to grace the city of Barcelona and the world. Because of this, it is also the perfect place for a chef to receive training. 


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• Location: Barcelona, B, Spain

• Duration: 6 months

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• Requirements: Experience is a plus, English and/or Spanish needed

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 • Location: Barcelona, B, Spain

 • Duration: 6 months

 • Start Date: ASAP

 • Hours: 40 hrs a week

 • Requirements: Experience is a plus, English and/or Spanish needed,  Own Set of Knives needed.

 • Benefits: Housing assistance provided, Meals on duty, Training/certification offered, Uniform provided.


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