What makes the Greenbrier Hotel so special?

As one of the oldest hotels in the USA the story of The Greenbrier is an interesting one to tell. Find out its story below

Hospitality is an industry that prides itself on constantly exceeding expectations. As guest satisfaction is at the very centre of a hotel’s business model, the standards that they hold themselves to is the key to their success. As a result, we can see a huge number of properties (both hotels and restaurants) that hold significant prestige in the industry.

While hospitality is an industry that is characterized by impeccable standards and outstanding properties, there is still room for individuals to shine through and become the best of the best. Last time we spoke about the historic playground of the wealthy, the Don Cesar, located on the gulf coast of Florida. Today I’m here to introduce you about an even older hotel situated on the other side of the USA: The Greenbrier resort


History of the hotel

The site of today’s Greenbrier resort is located in the highlands of West Virginia (a region so famously beautiful that John Denver wrote one of his most well known songs about it)in an area known as White Sulphur Springs. The site itself was popularly visited as early as 1778, during which many people would visit the springs because of their rumoured healing properties.

Eventually a small resort would pop up in the area to cater to the crowds of wealthy Southerners who would arrive in the area in the summer months. As the temperature up in the mountains was a perfect refuge from the hot, soupy air of the Southern states during summer, the resort would be a big hit. Eventually the resort gained a big following among the elite in the USA, by around 1858 the resort had hosted 5 presidents in its lifetime!

Eventually , to cater to its popularity, a large hotel was constructed on the site, this was affectionately named “The Big White” (After its christening location, the White Springs). While the atmosphere at this little slice of paradise was peaceful and happy, the rest of the USA was anything but, hence- the American Civil war began in 1861.  During the war, the hotel was (predictably) closed to protect guests from the fighting, during this time the hotel was occupied by both the Union and the Confederacy as both a hospital and a military hospital.

Fortunately, peace was restored in 1865 and the hotel reopened for guests and business would boom once again, eventually picking up the name “Greenbrier”. Eventually his hotel would undergo a massive transformation, with the 19th century “Big White” structure being torn down and replaced with a more modern facade in 1922.

This new hotel would have as big a part in US history as its predecessor. At the cusp of WW2, the hotel would be a site to house expelled Japanese/German diplomats waiting to be traded for their US counterparts. During the heights of the Cold War, the hotel was again approached by the US government to house an underground bomb shelter that would hold congress in the event of a war with the USSR.

Fast forward to the 21st century: The greenbrier has managed to consistently renovate and adapt itself to the time accordingly. The hotel continues to attract a number of high profile guests and events, including The New Orleans Saints and PGA golf tour.


The Greenbrier today and why should I work there?

With Greenbrier’s extensive history it’s no wonder why the hotel attracts so many curious guests, however, aside from being an important part of US history, the Greenbriar also features some pretty impressive features, such as…

  • 11,000 acres of emerald green estate for guests to explore and enjoy as they wish 
  • 710 guest rooms including deluxe suites and private guest and estate houses 
  • 8 individual fine dining restaurants 
  • World class tennis courts and pools 
  • A top of the range casino 

As one of the oldest hotels in the USA, a placement at the Greenbrier will give you a look at some of the classic practices that have placed USA so highly on the list of "best hospitality locations of the world" . In addition, an experience in Greenbrier is an experience back in time! For anyone wanting to step foot in the country and take a deep breath of classic American history, Greenbrier is your opportunity to do so.


How do I work there?

So, by now I’m sure you can see why guests have chosen the Greenbrier time after over the years and with its multiple facilities, it is the perfect place for hospitality work in the USA, so how do you get a job in the Greenbrier? The answer is simple! Simply send your cv to info@placement-int.com and we’ll begin the process for you, take a look at one of our newest offers below: 


F&B Training at the Greenbrier Resort

  • Website: http://www.greenbrier.com/ 
  •  Location: White Sulphur Springs, WV, United States 
  •  Duration: 12 months
  •  Start Date: 01/18/2021 
  • Stipend: 13.00$ per hour + Over time pay 
  • Hours: 32-40 hours per week
  • Requirements:  At least 6 months of F&B experience, No visible Tattoos, Mandatory Drug Test, bartender experience 
  • Benefits: Housing assistance provided, Complementary housing at arrival (<=2 weeks), 1 meal per shift, Airport pick-up, Laundry, Uniform provided 



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