All you need to know about Michelin Stars

The Michelin-Star rating system is a widely recognized, independent rating system that was created by the Michelin tire company to help consumers make an informed decision when buying a new car. But how are Michelin Stars actually awarded?

Chefs and restaurant owners fantasize about the “Michelin Man” strolling into their business and bestowing on them a highly sought-after Michelin Star. Getting a Michelin Star can instantly increase sales and reputation. However, the method by which eateries earn this coveted distinction remains a mystery. Is it only a matter of the food's quality? Do service and ambiance matter? And why does a tire manufacturer choose the top restaurants? We’re going to answer all of your questions in this article, so keep reading!

What is a Michelin Star?

The highest symbol of culinary perfection is a Michelin Star. Restaurants that are deemed to be of a particularly high grade are given Michelin Stars. The designation, which can be given to restaurants that meet the standards with one, two, or three stars, is highly valued by chefs all around the world.

Why does a tire company rate the top restaurants?

In 1900, when both automobiles and gastronomic travel were new luxuries, Michelin started publishing its "Red Guide." A travel brochure with details on accommodations, dining options, and roads was intended to encourage people to drive more—and buy more Michelin tires. In order to promote the brand identity, Michelin still rates restaurants to this day.

What are the standards of a Michelin Star?

Restaurants that offer great cuisine are given a Michelin Star. Five common standards are taken into consideration: the standard of the ingredients, the harmony of the flavors, the mastery of the techniques, the personality of the chef as seen in the food, and, most crucially, consistency over time and across the entire menu. Keep in mind: the stars are awarded for food only and not for the ambiance, service, and looks of the restaurant!

Can any restaurant receive a Michelin Star?

Any restaurant, regardless of its design or cuisine, is eligible for a Michelin Star. It’s a myth that only luxurious restaurants can receive a Michelin Star.

Who are the people who rate the restaurants?

In contrast to other ranking systems based on customer reviews, Michelin Stars are determined by anonymous Michelin Inspectors, who are all full-time workers and former restaurant and hotel industry experts. Following a group discussion after numerous inspectors have eaten at a restaurant, a decision is then made.

How is it so mysterious?

Restaurant owners are not informed of the date or time of the inspection, and an inspector may make three to six visits before reporting back to their fellow inspectors, who will then decide whether or not to give stars. So, you’ll never know who is going to visit your restaurant or when!

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