5 benefits of working in Middle East hotels

Working in the Middle East offers not only many opportunities to build your CV, but also comes with great benefits on top of your stipend or salary.

1. Free housing


It is not uncommon for hotels in Dubai and Quatar to offer free housing options for their employees. Depending on the hotel, your provided free housing can include facilities such as pool, gym or free laundry services. All updated with lifestyle luxuries Middle East is known for.

2. Free commute

dubai commute
Many hotels offer daily shuttles between the accommodation and the hotel, also on the days you are not working. It is also possible to find job offers when the employer pays for the flight. All you need to do is get on the plane. Taking your career abroad has never been easier!

3. Free meals

arab breakfast buffet
From sophisticated breakfast buffets to authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, many hotels offer 3 meals a day, and some even on your days off. Hospitalians in Quatar and UAE really know how to take care of their staff!


4. Some of the most incredible technology known to mankind



Did you know the tallest tower in the world is located in Dubai? The Burj Khalifa (pictured above) is the tallest tower in the world since its completion in 2009 and is just one of the marvels that you can hope to see during your time in the Middle East. 



5. The potential to start a new life

While many come to the Middle East for a short tenure to make some extra cash and gain experience, the work visas for both the UAE and Qatar are far less restrictive than their equivalent in Europe and the USA. This means that through a program in the Middle East, you have the possibility to change your life by moving it to this incredible metropolitan paradise!

Of course, exact benefits depend on the location and property, but all offers include stipend or salary. Stipend normally starts around 200 to 300 USD per month in both UAE and Qatar. With housing, commute, meals and sometimes even the flights covered, you will still be able to enjoy all Middle Eastern metropoles have to offer!

When you think about gaining experience abroad in a sunny place where you do not have to worry about any of your living expenses or stress about finding accommodation Middle East is the place to be! Sign up here to see our currently open Middle East vacancies.


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