Why is customer service so important?

Customer service is a very crucial part in the hospitality industry. It is one of the core values of a business that aims to provide an exceptional service that makes the customer feel valued, important and cared-for.

Providing excellent service should be a normality when working in hospitality and once you find what works for you, it will start to become second nature and habitual to provide a first class experience to the hotel guests. Not only will this ensure that they will book again with you but they will recommend you to their friends, family and so on. Upholding your brand’s reputation through outstanding service to customers will often require you to go above and beyond when trying to satisfy them. This could mean personally taking care of a guest’s room transfer if dissatisfied, or providing them with recommendations of nearby attractions and events etc.

But why is customer service so important? Here are 4 reasons for you to keep in mind:

  1. Increase in customer loyalty - Good customer service is the main driver of customer loyalty. This stems from the feeling of the consumer as being well taken care of. Once your customers have a positive experience with you, it will be easy for them to trust you.
  2. Increase in money spent by each customer - Since your customer trusts you, there is a very high chance that they will be a repeat customer. Every time you treat them well, prioritize their needs and serve them well it will be easy for them to buy from you repeatedly.
  3. Increase in the amount of times a customer buys from you - Great customer service can result in repeat customers. This is because they are willing to spend more from a company they know has excellent customer service.
  4. Generate positive word-of-mouth - When your customers are happy, they are more likely to spread the goodness of your business to friends, family, and coworkers. It's natural; you want your close ones to commit to a brand that you trust. This is not just a free form of advertising but is also a way to help you gain more customers.

So now that we know why customer service is so important, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you be the best at any customer support situation:

  1. The first impression matters - Did you know that we make our minds up about people in as little as two minutes?! That’s why focusing on a good first meet and greet with the guests matters more than you may think.
  2. Add a personal touch - To make the customer feel valued and appreciated, add a personal touch by calling them by his or her name that you will find on their reservation. It will also make you sound more respectful and polite.
  3. Listen actively - Ask questions and let the customer explain their situation without judgment. When a customer is dissatisfied about something their motivation is to get a problem fixed. What they desire, apart from releasing their anger, is a sympathetic ear from someone that will acknowledge the problem and their right to be irritated. Empathy is nothing more than looking at your guests' situation from their perspective.
  4. The customer is king - Even if you might not have a solution to their need or be the final decision maker, you can still respond with confidence in a positive way. Phrases like “l see what I can do”, or “ll get back to you in as soon as possible” will buy you time to understand what they seek. Even if there is no solution to their request, a positive and honest answer will keep the relationship on agreeable terms.

One encounter with a customer can make or break your business and this is where customer service comes in. You will have the chance to give your customers excellent service, and by providing amazing customer service, you can differentiate your company to customers.

Of course these tips apply to any business but remember, especially in hospitality excellent client service is at the core of the industry. Creating unforgettable moments for the guests is what hospitality jobs are all about!

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