What are the Benefits of Getting an Internship Abroad?

An internship abroad is an opportunity that can boost your career and make your resume more noticeable! Read more to know how beneficial it is for you to go abroad for an internship!

 Would you like to do an internship but can’t decide whether to take a local or an international one? Don’t worry! We’re here to give you details on how an international internship can be more beneficial for you, if you decide to take one and what you can get out of it. 
So why is an international internship more beneficial than a local one? What will you get out of it? Here are 5 reasons why you should go abroad for your internship:

1.    International work experience

Compared to a local internship, you will get to experience working and immersing yourself in the work ethics and environment of other cultures and countries. You’ll get to learn how world-famous hotel chains, resorts, and restaurants move inside the kitchen and in their facility. Working as an intern sets you apart because you will learn to meet the expectations of the hospitality industry in a different country than your own. You will also get a better understanding of the hospitality industry on a global scale and you’ll develop your ability to work with and communicate with a culturally diverse team.

2.    Develop your interpersonal skills 

As a J1 intern, you will get to develop your interpersonal skills in the hospitality or culinary setting. Coming out of your comfort zone is a scary thing, but during your internship, your interpersonal skills are going to soar! You will communicate with people from different cultures and develop cultural awareness.

3.  Make international friends

In an internship abroad, mingling with other individuals is something you’ve got to be ready for. But don’t fret – chances are, you won’t be the only one who’s come a long way from home. You will meet people who have come from other parts of the world to experience the hospitality or culinary industry as well and all of them will have interesting backgrounds and stories. By the end of your internship, you’ll have met other people from all over the world, and this means that you’ll have an extended, global network. This will be very useful for you in the future when you visit each other’s countries, or if you have a favor that needs international connections. 

4.    Cultural immersion

The perfect way to learn and understand a new culture is to be exposed and immersed in it. Since you will experience working with people from other countries, you will become more worldly and cultured, less ignorant, and more understanding of the differences of people. 

5.  A great opportunity to hit two birds with one stone

So you’ve always wanted to get an internship and travel at the same time? Why not do both? Getting an internship abroad is the best way for you to experience both simultaneously! Moreover, with a longer stay in a foreign country, you’ll appreciate traveling even more by understanding the cultural context.
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