Top 6 craziest hotels in the world

The hospitality industry has always had a major impact on the economy of countries on a global scale. This is even more evident since the pandemic has hit the sector. A number of establishments offer incredibly unique experiences to differ from the competition.

Let's discover together the most wonderful and unusual hotels on our planet that will leave you in awe! This article will show you the most out-of-the-ordinary hotels.


1. The Giraffe Manor (Nairobi, Kenya)


Kenya is well known for having all of Africa's big five: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and Cape buffalo, but at this manor, you can add a sixth: giraffes!  Located in Karen, less than 15 km from the center of Nairobi, Giraffe Manor is an oasis of peace, covered with beautiful vines. This brick mansion was built in 1932, but it was when curators Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville purchased the property in 1974 that it really came to life.  The property quickly expanded to 140 acres and is now home to a renowned herd of Rothschild's giraffes. Staying in one of Giraffe Manor's ten luxury suites or watching the sunset over the hills from the terrace is extraordinary, but the magic really happens at mealtime. Every day, for breakfast and dinner, the windows are opened to let the giraffes share your table! The experience is one of the most beautiful and unique in the world and people come from far for this experience. In addition, the property is also home to many warthogs, and the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage is only minutes away. This unique and incredible stay may cost you  $1000 for an all-inclusive overnight stay, but there is nothing like it in the world! However, there are significant discounts for multi-day stays at various properties in Kenya. 



2. Conrad Hilton (Rangila, Maldives)


This hotel is located on Rangali Island, only 30 minutes by seaplane from Malé. The hotel takes the lagoon experience to the next level! For starters, most of the hotel's villas have transparent glass floors, and private freshwater pools, and some also have beds that rotate 270 degrees to follow the sunset. For even more luxury, you can request the property's Ithaa restaurant to be transformed into a unique underwater hotel room! Plus, there's a 20,000-bottle underwater wine cellar, also filled with the world's 101 best cheeses! To top it all off, throughout your stay, at your fingertips, you’ll have magical activities on offer. Between diving with manta rays, snorkeling with whale sharks, strolling the white sand beaches, watching dolphins, and getting up close and personal with sea turtles and a vibrant coral reef aboard the Nemo submarine! As for prices, the beach villas cost $900 per night and $1,200 for the water villas. 




3. Anantara Golden Triangle (Sop Ruak, Thailand)


The Anantara Golden Triangle Resort is without a doubt one of the most magical and romantic hotels in the world.  It is located 90 minutes north of Chiang Rai and is in the heart of the Golden Triangle, where the countries of Thailand, Mayamar, and Laos meet.  It is no wonder that the area is overflowing with tradition, culture, and history. From views of neighboring countries to jungle trails and temples, it's the perfect place to ease your body and mind. That's not all, there are also elephants and mahouts who take you on private picnic rides! Plus, whenever the resort has baby elephants, the mahouts bring them into the breakfast room to greet you! Between us, who doesn't want to have breakfast with baby elephants? The cost per night is $900, plus about $50 per day per person for an all-inclusive package with activities. All the rooms are great, but upping your rate to $1,150 will get you the best views in the place.  




5. Ashford Castle (Cong, Ireland)


Many destinations in Europe are dedicated to visiting medieval castles but Ashford offers you the ultimate chance to spend the night in a castle! The size of this castle is impressive and this is due to its age. It was built over several centuries, starting with the first manor house built in 1228. In 1589, protective fortifications were built, but it wasn't until 1715 that the name Ashford took hold. It was the famous Irish Guinness family who bought Ashford in 1852 and increased the estate to 26,000 acres, planted thousands of trees, and completely rebuilt part of the property. It was in the 1900s that the estate was converted into a hotel, doubled in size, and became a true 5-star establishment! You are signing up for a truly authentic stay as the luxury accommodation is accompanied by activities such as horse riding, falconry, lake cruises, fishing, clay shooting, archery, golf, and much more.  The castle also has a spa for massages and other treatments. Not surprisingly, over the years, distinguished guests such as Mary Queen of Scots, King George V, Princess Grace, Oscar Wilde, Brad Pitt, and President Ronald Regan have stayed here. On the second floor, you can find a portrait gallery which features some of the famous people who have visited. Finally, rooms start at around $130 per night and can go up to $600 for the most luxurious.




5. Kelebek Cave Hotel (Goreme, Turkey)


To put you in the context of the wonderful Kebek Cave Hotel, let's start with some history. During Turkey's prehistoric times, the nearby volcano Mount Erciyes covered the area with ash. Centuries of wind and rain then carved the thick layers of ash into formations resembling fairy chimneys. In addition, in the early Middle Ages, the two chimneys, which are now part of the Kebek Cave Hotel, were used as a monk's chapel before becoming a family home.  Traditional arched houses were then built into the chimneys, which are now the 36 rooms of the Kebek Cave Hotel. So what about the activities? Not only is there a Turkish bath nearby, but day trips to Cappadocia's famous chimney forests by hot air balloon are too! You’ll be able to experience the city’s beauty from above and below! Expect to pay an average of $75 to $100 per night, which is surprisingly cheap for the standard of the hotel, so enjoy an unusual Turkish adventure on your next holiday!




6. De Glase Ice Hotel (Québec, Canada)


From January to March, the De Glase Ice Hotel in Quebec opens its icy doors to visitors from around the world. Each year, expert sculptors create this incredible structure in a matter of weeks, and the precision of the details is impressive. Here, the art of snow and ice is everywhere, from 44 themed rooms to the ice bar and the popular Super Slide. You'll discover an establishment as you've never seen before while enjoying unique activities. For example, you can drink from ice glasses at the bar in a completely icy environment! The experience is atypical but comfort is still present as the suites have a real mattress and blankets on the ice base and the arctic duvet is designed for a temperature 35 degrees lower than the hotel. The hotel also has a warming center in the adjoining Celsius Pavilion, with fully heated bathrooms. In addition, not only is the hotel easy to reach, unlike other ice hotels, but it is also very affordable for the quality of services and facilities. The surrounding park is so large that it offers over 3 km of trails for snowshoeing and hiking. Finally, prices start at $199 per person per night and visitors can enjoy a day tour of the site for $18 or $28 total if you add snowshoeing for the trails.  



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