Tips and tricks for writing a good CV

When applying for jobs, your resume is the key to opening new doors for you. Learn how to construct a strong CV and read the tips and tricks to personalize it accordingly.

Did you know that recruiters spend an average of just 7 seconds reviewing a CV? Make those seconds count with a standout resume!

We know CV writing can be a hassle sometimes and we’re here to help you. Here are some tips and tricks for writing a successful resume that will get you hired:

1. Basic information is key

Although there are a few standard elements you should include in your CV, there is no right or wrong way to write one. Personal and contact details, education and certifications, work history and/or experience, relevant abilities for the position in question, individual interests, accomplishments, hobbies, and a few references are among the basics you should include in your resume. Don’t be afraid to showcase your best accomplishments.

2. Be short, concise, and to the point

A strong CV is straightforward and communicates every point required. Keep things brief and simple; you don't need a lot of pages to illustrate your whole life story. The best resumes have one page, but if your experience is very broad, then you can go up to two pages. Employers frequently receive dozens of CVs, therefore it is doubtful that they will read each one from start to finish. Most people will evaluate a CV based on its sections, so limit it to two A4 pages at most!

3. Personalize your CV for the position

Tailor your resume for the desired role once you've determined what the work requires and how you can meet each need. Keep in mind that a generic CV does not exist. Don't send a generic resume in the hopes that it will be accepted; it won't. Every CV you send to a potential employer should be customized for that position. You don’t need to write a brand new resume for each job - just update the details and skills so that they’re still relevant for the position.

4. Check, check, and double-check

Grammar and spelling errors are a no-go on a good CV. Use a spell checker, and ask someone else to read the document. Avoid basic, overused words like "team player," "hardworking," and "multitasker." Instead, give instances from everyday life to illustrate each of these abilities and what truly makes you unique.

5. Mistakes to avoid

Make sure you don't lie or exaggerate on your resume, as it is seen badly by the employer. Don’t name your resume "curriculum vitae" or "CV”, instead put your name as the title. Also, don’t leave too many blank spaces - the whole aspect of the resume should be well-structured. Avoid using uninspired fonts like Comic Sans. Pick a font like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman if you want something formal and easy to read. For a job that requires creativity, such as a marketing job, you can use fonts like Raleway, Cera Pro, Avenir Next LT Pro, or Gisha. 

Now that we have shown you the best tips and tricks for an eye-catching resume, don’t forget to enjoy the process. CV writing shouldn’t be a burden if you know how to make your way around it!

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