The power of LinkedIn in recruitment

Who hasn’t already checked the profile of their boss, colleagues, or even relatives? LinkedIn is also the perfect way to keep up to date with the professional background of people or friends or to find out about the profile of important future business partners and much more. Read more about the power of LinkedIn below!

LinkedIn is now the largest professional social network with over 750 million members and a total of over 55 million registered companies! It’s no wonder that it has become an indispensable professional tool for screening people and expanding your network. In short, one will have to understand that all this makes it the ideal tool for recruiters to get more information on the background of the candidates they potentially want to recruit.

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An indispensable professional tool

A LinkedIn profile is like a virtual CV but more complete, where users can share their professional experiences, diplomas, and skills. That’s why for a recruiter, a LinkedIn profile is essential to make the choice of a candidate rather than another. 

Moreover, when not looking for a job, it can be easy to ignore updating the profile. But it’s good to remember that LinkedIn is always working. Recruiters like to contact candidates who are not necessarily looking for a job because they have very professional profiles. Even if someone is closed to job offers, a potential client could be looking at who they are, a supplier, a contact who would like to network, a more junior candidate looking for a mentor, an investor, or others. So it’s a springboard for employment and professional support!

A personality revealer

Most of the profile indicators on the network give a solid idea of a candidate’s personality and interests. For example, the number of languages a candidate speaks is associated with openness to experience, the number of connections with extraversion, and the quality of the profile summary with conscientiousness. Even the profile picture says a lot, if someone is smiling, they have a better tendency to be pleasant in the workplace but also a better ability to work in a group or do volunteer activities. Finally, recruiters generally find that a single indicator does not necessarily showcase an individual personality trait. For example, having served as a class representative indicates both high conscientiousness and high extraversion.

Some tips for an attractive profile

Headhunters, in addition to thinking about all the profiles they have already reviewed, spend time analyzing different LinkedIn accounts. They aim to find rare gems that meet the needs of clients and employers. With the sheer number of profiles being reviewed, most can’t dwell too much on the details. So here are some handy tips to least have an adequate foundation in a LinkedIn profile. In other words, here’s what recruiters look at first:


Make sure to list your current experience with dates of employment. When completed, the end date of a job has to be mentioned, as it can be confusing for a recruiter to see three current jobs. Pay attention to the stability of your work history, as a candidate who changes jobs every year may be less appreciated. If this is the case, consider adding “tenure” or “replacement” in brackets next to the job name.


Recruiters love to see the main tasks and accomplishments summarized under a job title. This is particularly helpful in analyzing whether or not someone will be the right candidate with the experience and skills required for the position. It is a way to make the employer’s job easier when they are looking for important information on a profile.


A diploma listed with the date of graduation allows the recruiter to see if the studies are done in the field for which they are looking for an employee. It also allows them to know the place in one’s professional career: if they have a graduate degree or any specializations. They will often pay attention to the year of graduation to get an idea of how many years of experience a candidate has in the job market.


This step should not be taken lightly! Profiles that do not have a profile picture or one of poor quality and unprofessional are immediately less attractive. Make sure you choose a good-quality photo where you appear alone. For inspiration, look at the photos of other contacts - this will give a good idea of what is acceptable. Especially avoid photos on vacation with sunglasses or in a bathing suit!


Although it’s not what recruiters look at first, having at least 50 contacts is ideal. This shows that a person has a circle of contacts in their field and that they use LinkedIn even if they have no publications.

Open to new challenges

Mentioning being open to new challenges is important, which can be mentioned through the ‘Open Candidate’ option on the profile. This will display a message on the side of the profile picture and will let recruiters know that the respective person is looking for a job. This message is private so if someone doesn’t want their current employer to see it, for example, they won’t see it!

For the expert

More seasoned LinkedIn profiles will also start writing a summary, asking for recommendations, listing skills, joining groups, and listing causes that interest them. The LinkedIn profile can always be grown, the more relevant information it is fed, the more recruiters will be interested in it because they will see engagement!

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