Requirements for J1 Visa Applications

Being granted a J1 Visa is your ticket to a world of opportunities as you start with your internship. Before this can happen, though, you will have to meet certain requirements.

First of all, you should have a passport which is valid for travel to the United States. Check the expiration date, making sure that you take into account the duration of your internship. A rule of thumb for passport validity is to make sure that you have a six-month allowance after your return date.

You should also have your DS-2019 Form in hand. This document will certify that you are eligible for the program and will be issued by your sponsor. Together with this form, you should have a completely filled-in DS-160, which is your application for a non-immigrant visa.

Furthermore, you are required to pay $160.00 for the visa application, so make sure you do so and keep the receipt. Prepare a 2x2 photograph which meets the Embassy's format requirements.

Your visa Specialist will also provide you with a list of other required documents depending on your circumstances. For instance, you will need to show proof that you are financially capable and can support your stay in the U.S. Such documentation and other requirements should be prepared in advance, so please read your emails thoroughly.


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