Five New Technologies in the Hospitality Industry

The hotel industry is only one of the many that currently invests in innovative technology. Hotels aim to regain the trust of their customers by providing an alternative to the accustomed practice in the industry.

Read through to see the emerging technologies that are being used by hotels all over the world. 

Contactless Check-In/Check-Out and Keyless Room Entry

Hotel guests may check in and out through smartphones and a mobile app. This does not only promote health safety but also contributes to the environment by reducing the use of plastic keycards.

Touchless Digital Menu System for Restaurants and Hotels

Lodging Interactive, a hotel marketing agency, launched MyMenusOnline. It is a new touchless digital restaurant menu system that allows restaurant guests to simply scan a tableside QR code or NFC tag to view the restaurant's menu on their mobile device.

Virtual TV Remote Control

Hotel TV remotes are known to be a serious contamination risk, as they are used by multiple people over a short time and are difficult to sanitize. The Virtual Remote Control, launched by Otrum, allows guests to simply scan a QR code from the in-room TV. This launches a web-based remote control on their phone or tablet. 

Pool & Beach Reserved Seating

The Solay Mobile App provides a means for Hotel & Resort, overnight guests, to reserve pool & beach loungers through a mobile app, in real-time or in advance! The Solay App removes the hassle, stress & uncertainty of unreserved poolside and beachside seating from the guest experience.

Medically-Used Air Purifier

Molekule’s proprietary technology, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), is an innovative technology that breaks down allergens in closed areas. By using nanotechnology, PECO is able to destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than the standard filters.

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