Is AI the future of hospitality?

The use and development of artificial intelligence has seen a significant increase in recent years and many hospitality companies have started using this technology to facilitate different services or human-performed tasks. Read on to see how AI is shaping the future of hospitality.

Artificial intelligence has seen new dimensions in 2022 and by 2025, the market is expected to increase by $190 billion, according to statistics. The magnitude of this technology trend continues to make waves in various areas and fields. When it comes to hospitality, AI is used to improve so many areas: marketing, analytics, and guest experience. Many of the tedious repetitive tasks can be carried out by a robot instead of a human. In this way, hotel owners can save money, reduce human error and even improve guest satisfaction.

These are 5 hotels that use AI:

  • Hilton - Concierge robot

Hilton’s concierge AI is named after the hotel group’s founder, Conrad Hilton. This half-meter robot can use its tiny arms to give directions and answer guests’ hotel-related questions. How cool is that?

  • The Cosmopolitan Hotel - Concierge robot

Did you know that The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas was one of the first hotels to implement an AI concierge in their daily operations? The robot’s name is Rose and she’s ready to answer any questions or concerns guests may have, with a note of humor. She can even order pizza to your hotel room!  

  • Radisson - Chatbot

Edward is Radisson’s chatbot that is programmed to have conversations with customers in the most humanlike way. 

  • Aloft Hotels - Butler robot

A.L.O.’s primary function as a butler robot is to make room delivery. Imagine having your food delivered by a robot!

  • Crowne Plaza - Delivery robot

Another front runner in adopting AI technology is Crowne Plaza with Dash, a delivery service robot. Dash can deliver snacks, amenities, and toiletries by using a Wi-Fi connection and can even make calls upon arrival.

But this is not all - concierge, delivery, and butler robots are just the beginning. With these groundbreaking technologies, the future of hospitality looks so promising. Perhaps next time we visit a hotel we will be checked in by a hologram or will have a cocktail made by a barista robot! One thing is for sure: the possibilities of artificial intelligence are endless.

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