Internships for young Mexican professionals

It has been argued that internships do not lead to a full-time job or are not worth your time, but it has been observed that traineeships also provide valuable talking points for future interviews; whether paid or unpaid, temporary or leading to permanent employment.

No matter how you view your situation, an internship opportunity will likely enrich your professional career in many ways! Below are thus a few ways an internship can be beneficial to you. 

1. Building Your Resume

With any job, the resume you present to the hiring staff is going to determine if you are even considered for an interview, and any resume that lacks job experience is weak. Unpaid internships are considered work experience. It’s like a college student buying his or her way in to get a job at this stage.  and if you have not worked any positions within this field then you should consider pursuing an internship opportunity! This work experience allows you to refer to instances you encountered during the time spent interning to demonstrate your working knowledge and skills for the position. 

It is helpful to keep in mind that interning with smaller companies may not lead to a paid internship due to budgeting, but you may get the opportunity to be more readily recognized and provided the opportunity for more specialized projects. This valuable work experience simply cannot be replaced, and lacking this component of your resume is detrimental. 

2. Boost Your Chances for Hire!

Your internship is an opportunity to show your skills and your enhanced work ethic supervisor, who could potentially be the person who will assess your performance for a future permanent hiring decision. If you do the bare minimum during an internship, the employer will not be interested in investing in you as a permanent member of their team. Practice exceptional time management, show a real interest in learning the job well, and look for opportunities to acquire additional tasks.

While we've already established how an internship provides work experience to enhance your resume, your chances of being hired can be increased with an open discussion with your supervisor to establish your intentions for the position. Even if your supervisor categorically determines that permanent employment is not an option, you are still networking by showing that initiative and your interest in your next career change. Networking is key to establishing the professional credentials needed for future jobs and being informed and considered for job postings.

3. How to Obtain an Internship

There are many resources to help you secure exceptional internship opportunities! For an internship and just like a traditional position, it is helpful to assess your job/internship search skills through specialized companies and professional services. Additionally, while internships in the hospitality industry are plentiful, finding a position with a well-known brand can be difficult without the right help. In an industry like hospitality, having a recognized brand on your resume can launch your career further than you could ever imagine! However, while many hospitality schools help their students find internships, this help is not guaranteed.  However, other services ensure that students graduate ready to work in the hospitality industry with well-founded practical experience. One such company is Placement International. The company specializes in the hospitality industry and offers paid internships, management training programs, and jobs in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in the United States to many people who want to develop their careers in the hospitality industry abroad. 

In addition, Placement International also offers visa assistance and stands by your side to ensure that you enjoy your trip and work experience.

To learn more about how Placement International can help you find a job at a luxury hotel or Michelin-starred restaurant in the United States, Europe, or the Middle East, simply create a profile on the Placement International website (www.placement-int.com) or send your CV to info@placement-int.com.


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