(Infographic) COVID 19 and the hospitality world

how will the hospitality industry look like after COVID 19? we asked you, our readers, here are the results.

As of the beginning of 2020, the COVID 19 crisis has caused unprecedented damage both socially and economically across the world. With the disease itself and the preventative measures taken by governments causing drastic effects in every facet of society. One of the industries that were hardest hit is hospitality.

Predictably, the nature of the quarantine measures greatly hampered the movement of guests and clients to hospitality focussed businesses. This in turn has created a very uncertain environment in the world of hospitality, many of us do not know where to turn for our next venture or even if the hospitality industry will continue in the same direction post quarantine.

So what will be the fate of the hospitality industry after COVID 19? While it’s impossible to accurately predict the trends of the industry itself,, we can still find out the attitudes of those at the centre of the industry. So that’s what we did! 

In May 2020, we sent a survey to our current candidates and many of our valued network of hospitality professionals, the responses we received were amazing! With more than 230 survey results collected! 

Overall the conclusions that we gathered from the survey were overwhelmingly positive,  few are ready to give up on hospitality and many believe that the future is bright for the industry itself. On top of that, many of you were interested in pursuing further studies to enhance your hospitality CV to its fullest potential! We are also of this opinion and to this end we will be able to assist you through PI Hospitality Academy! Our new online learning platform dedicated to enhancing the skills of hospitality professionals, (CTA for PI GHA) 

Check out our results here


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