Indoor Travel: Places to Travel to During Quarantine

Everyone has been trying to adjust to the new normal since the quarantine has started. Especially people who’re used to going out everyday. Along with this, everyone has also been trying to adapt to restricted living. A lot of us have also been working from home and we believe that once this is over, we’ll no longer take going out so lightly.

  1. Your Sofa

Are your snacks ready? Get comfy and get ready to be transported to a million places through reading books and watching movies. You can even sit on your sofa while taking our hospitality online courses. You can even take this time to daydream and make your own stories for yourself and your loved ones (trust us, it’s not just for kids!).

  1. The Stairs

It’s always good to get some exercise in, whether it be in the morning or in the evening, and a hike is a great way to do it. Since we can’t do it outdoors for now, get a move on those stairs! Even though the scenery is not as interesting as when you do it outside, it’s still energizing. 

No stairs? No problem! Place a low stool against something solid and step up and down for a few minutes. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds but it’ll do you good by your health!

  1. Your Kitchen and Dining Area

So, when’s the last you actually spent time in your kitchen? Be honest here. And we don’t mean rushing in between or after work to prepare food for yourself or your family. Why don’t you try out that new recipe you’ve been saying that you need to make. Or prepare some comfort food before treating yourself to an unforgettable dining experience. 

Why don’t you try baking? We know how this crisis has affected you. Baking will definitely put you at ease and relax you. Not only do you get to enjoy yourself but you’ll also fill your tummy with amazing pastries!

  1. Your Room

Now that we’re all spending more time in our personal space, why don’t we take the time to explore it? We’re pretty sure that most of us will discover things we won’t remember having. 

You could even rearrange your own space. Or maybe you’d want to do some general cleaning. You could even just hangout in your room and meditate. 

  1. Your Balcony

As humans, we can’t stay cooped up within four walls for too long. So, go to your balcony or garden and spend some time taking in the scenery. We suggest closing your eyes and letting everything wash over you. Nothing feels better than a clear mind and a relaxed body.

And there you have it! 5 places you can travel to during quarantine. Always remember to keep safe and stay indoors! Make sure to have fun and make the best use of your time while at home!

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