How to become Hotel Manager?

Do you dream of becoming a great hotel manager? That's an ambitious but very respectable career choice. Choosing this path requires careful, long-term work. Here are just a few tips to help you succeed in this amazing role.

Key Capabilities Required


To become a successful hotel manager, you will need exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, but also the ability to work under pressure and the initiative to consistently solve guest problems. You must be a great listener and humble because no matter what, the customer is always right! You need to have a mental toughness like a top athlete because in addition to taking care of your own tasks you need to be a motivating, confident leader who raises the morale of your employees and knows how to get the best out of them. Don't worry though, even if the responsibilities can be daunting, it's one of the best jobs out there because once you've started out, a hotel manager is simply looking out for the happiness of their guests!


Global understanding is essential


In the hospitality industry, understanding is vital as it is very important to have experience in the entry-level roles of your hotel. You need to know how each department works and therefore have experienced each position within a hotel before you step into a management role. Not only will this show your deepest commitment, but you will be able to give even more productive advice that will be easily listened to, respected, and acted upon. Plus, it goes without saying that you'll be much better at managing certain roles if you have prior experience in those areas.


Seize new opportunities


Just like in a sports competition, to make real progress in the industry, you'll need to excel at your job. Remember that your hard work will be worth it in the end, so persevere through the tough times that might make you want to give up. When new opportunities arise, whether it's a new role or a promotion abroad at a renowned hotel, you must rise to the challenge. This is essential to developing and enhancing your hospitality repertoire. Going abroad is a great way to broaden your experiences and knowledge, especially since you will be taken out of your comfort zone and surrounded by the ideas of new people who will enrich you.


Think customer first


Customer satisfaction is always at the top of your priorities, so keep your mind sharp to find any way to improve their experience, even if it's not part of your job description. Also, given the breadth of this industry, you need to make sure you stand out to hotel managers by urging them to take any opportunity to shadow them or be an apprentice. Management will appreciate you taking initiative to learn and improve the hotel to provide an ever more innovative environment for your guests but also for your employees. You can keep a diary, for example, to record improvements, tips, and challenges that you remember from your experiences with guests.

Finally, the keyword is to remain patient, as there is no guarantee that you will get the first management position you apply for but it is your determination and hard work that will pay off! It will take a good work ethic, experience, and passion to finally achieve your goal. When that day comes, it's not a time to sit back and relax, but rather an opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge you've acquired to your employees who may have the same end goal as you. Be the manager you wished you had, and you'll earn their trust in no time.


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