How Filipinos can secure their US J1 Visa

Are you a Filipino who wants to travel to the United States? Find out how Placement International can help you get your J1 visa today.

If you’re from the Philippines and you want to travel to the USA, there is a high probability that someone has told you that there is a low chance for your visa to be approved?

The Myth

Have you heard about the speculations that obtaining a U.S. visa can be difficult? It has further been speculated that issues that many applicants face are related to showing strong ties to the Philippines or their home countries.
The fact is that if you are young and single with no assets or property, and no dependents, or stable career in the Philippines, the U.S. authorities might believe that you won’t return to the Philippines, as your reasons for staying in the U.S. outnumber your reasons for returning to the Philippines. If you say you’re going to visit your fiancé, this can be perceived as attempting to circumvent the K1 visa process.

Does that mean that it is problematic to get a US visa?  

Absolutely not! Every day, there are countless Filipinos who get their US visa applications granted.  In 2015, there were 3,750,388 Philippines living in the United States.  This hard fact debunks the speculations that the USA does not grant visas to Filipinos.  
Even better, at Placement International, we have successfully helped countless Filipinos secure their J1 visas. As mentioned by one of our Filipina candidates, who is currently pursuing her J1 program at the Mark Hotel in New York.  

"Thank you so much to Placement International for helping me get one step closer to my dreams! Although it has been difficult due to the pandemic, I have gotten here as quickly and smoothly as possible. Hello to New York City!" - Larissa Ann Ortiz Luiz

Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to help you bring your career to the United States. A common question that we usually encounter is: “If I get denied a tourist visa, is that going to hurt me later for a J1 visa?” Absolutely not! So, if you want to travel and work at one of the most luxurious hotels in the United States through the J1 Visa program, this dream can become a reality!  Even better, only with Placement International, you can get a second 12-month J1 Visa!
So don't throw away your dream of working in the U.S. We can help you make it a reality!  Everything you have
Excited?  Make traveling to the USA your New Year's Resolution 2022 and start applying today.
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