Hostmanship: the art of being more than just hospitable

Hostmanship is more than being just hospitable; it's about welcoming your guests with warmth and genuine kindness. Read on to learn more about it!

Hostmanship is the art of hospitality, which includes various aspects like friendliness, quality, and customer care, besides being hospitable. It is an idea that is gaining popularity across various industries of business.

Six principles of hostmanship

In the Book Hostmanship: the art of making people feel welcome by Jan Gunnarsson & Olle Blohm, the authors talk about the six principles of hostmanship, which highlight the approach of this concept.

  1. Serving others

Serving is first and foremost about putting your skills and expertise to use out of genuine concern for the welfare of others: "What can I do to make you feel better right now?" a desire to assist someone in realizing their dreams and succeeding in life.

  1. Perceiving wholeness

The concept of wholeness is central to the Hostmanship universe. The individual who welcomes the visitor is always the business's front-facing representative immediately upon arrival. 

  1. Being caring

Seeing the human in the people who seek us out is the first step in allowing compassion to rule a business. modifying our culture and institutions to reflect the idea that the people we interact with on a daily basis are also humans.

  1. Taking responsibility

We must be accountable for the way we decide to respond to events. Placing oneself in the other person's shoes and working to help them resolve the issue is what it means to take responsibility.

  1. Practicing dialogue

Dialog requires courage to overcome your own biases and be open to others, so you can treat guests with kindness and warmth, as well as provide them with a memorable experience.

  1. Searching for knowledge

Knowledge encompasses far more than knowing what the company does and how it does it. Knowledge is also about understanding the motivations of your guests, understanding your coworkers' objectives and the chances for their growth.

All in all, hostmanship is the art of being both engaging and accommodating at the same time; it's a unique combination of personality, emotional intelligence, and social awareness that hospitality leaders should adopt. 

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