Hospitality and Culinary Women in Charge

We want to share the stories of some of the most successful female professionals in the industry and show you how they managed to become a female super boss.

To honor this day we at Placement International want to share the stories of some of the most successful female professionals in the industry and show you how they managed to become a female super boss.

In the hospitality workforce, women have an average participation of 55.5% worldwide. And even though hospitality places 3rd on the highest percentage of female managers worldwide women are usually represented in lower paid or skilled area of the hotel, such as housekeeping or customer service. Nonetheless, the sector sets a positive example for women in the workplace and we want to highlight that. Therefore, we put together the impressive career paths of some of the most successful women in the industry, as well as their tips to reach the top. We hope that you can benefit and learn from these inspiring lessons because we want to encourage all of you to reach leadership positions and become successful Hospitalians.

So let’s take a look at some of the most impressive female stars in hospitality industry:

Anne-Sophie Pic, 2011 Best Female Chef
Some call Anne-Sophie Pic the best female chef. In fact, she was the first woman in France in 50 years to win 3 Michelin stars – and the 4th in the world. She describes her cuisine as very feminine because she puts a lot of intuition, and feelings, into it. Her tip for you “you need to rely on your own intuition and not be influenced by others. Also, you cannot do something good alone, you need other people working with you, together.

Alison Broadhead, Chief Commercial Officer at Jumeirah Group
With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry Alison knows that it’s important to “have that inner confidence that you can succeed on your own strengths." In 2013, she became the Chief Commercial Officer at the Jumeirah Group and became the first female to sit on the executive committee board of the Jumeirah Group.

Helena Rizzo, 2014 Best Female Chef
Helena Rizzo, an ex-model who gave up photo shoots in her late teens to learn to cook and who was named the best female chef in Latin America in 2013 and World’s Best Cook in 2014. When asked what advice she would give to her 15-year-old self, she said “always have happiness in your heart, keep it light and enjoy every moment.”

Judy Hou, Managing Director of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
From part-time waitress to managing director of the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai, Judy Hou is definitely an incredible idol in the hospitality industry. The power woman knows that the most important thing is to “not be afraid to give your best shot. Think about it, reflect on what you want, and be very open about where you want to go.”

Clare Smyth, 2018 Best Female Chef
Clare Smyth was told by Gordon Ramsay she wouldn’t last a week in his kitchen. Now, the super woman and chef of Core in London has been named best female chef of 2018. No matter what she’s been told she always knew that “you have to find the place that feels right for you. Kitchens have a feeling. If you belong there, you’ll know. It's something that just feels right and you need to have the opportunity to do that.”

We hope that with these success stories we could motivate all of you to work for you future and to become as successful as these women.

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