Best Hotel Profiles: Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Resort combines luxury with the great American outdoors, find out more about it and how you could escape the big city life in our newest article

Hospitality is an industry that prides itself on constantly exceeding expectations. As guest satisfaction is at the very centre of a hotel’s business model, the standards that they hold themselves to is the key to their success. As a result, we can see a huge number of properties (both hotels and restaurants) that hold significant prestige in the industry.


However, even in an industry filled to the brim with excellence and expertise, there are still some that manage to prove themselves to be the best of the best. Today I’m going to be focusing on one in particular: Cedar Lodge


Cedar Lodge is a hotel that greatly emphasizes the value of connection with nature. Initially built by two urban businessmen intent on creating a shelter from the stresses of the inner city. The property has carried its initial vision into the modern era and continues to serve guests that want to get away from it all in the embrace of the American wilderness.




As I mentioned, Cedar Lodge was initially founded by two businessmen, Jude Simmons and Harry Worman in the 1920’s. Their vision was to create a little stretch of paradise tucked away in the heart of the Ozark mountains, far away from their stressful urban lifestyles. They purchased 300 acres of land in the foothills and proceeded to create two beautiful country houses to cater to themselves and their families during their “down time” 


Unfortunately, come the mid/late 20’s the USA experienced a huge economic downturn which we now refer to as The Great Depression. As a result ,the two businessmen couldn’t visit their lodges enough to enjoy them to the fullest. Eventually, because of its underuse,  the pair opted to sell the land to a logging firm to use the beautiful site for its precious timber. Fortunately it was soon  sold to business tycoon, Dan Norris in 1947 before too much damage had been done.


Norris was the one who recognised the location’s potential, he installed a pool, stable and would eventually dam the adjacent river to create the area’s iconic Table Rock Lake. It was at this point that the iconic Cedar Lodge we know today formed.


Cedar Lodge in the modern age 


While ownership of  the Cedar Lodge has changed hands over the years and the property itself has received multiple renovations, the initial spirit of the property remained the same. Identical to the two business men’s intention for the lodge, it is marketed as a sleepy and luxurious getaway for urbanites to escape their day-to-day lives to experience nature firsthand.


While the hotel generally flaunts its  location’s breathtaking natural beauty as its main selling point, the property also hosts an impressive list of amenities, features and activities such as:

  • A top of the range golf course, largely considered to be one of the best in the USA and designed by pro’s of the sport: Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Gary Player, Tom Fazio, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw
  • Multiple outlets ranging from casual dining to upscale region specific cuisine
  • Secluded and luxurious accommodations that include cottages, cabins and even old-timey log cabins 
  • A 18,000-square-foot, world-class spa called Cedar creek, filled to the brim with relaxing, luxurious treatments.
  • Multiple activities available on-site including fishing, shooting, water sports, wildlife education and more!

How do I work there?


For hospitality professionals with a passion for the outdoors or the desire to get closer to nature while perfecting their craft, the Big Cedar Lodge is perfect for you! If you would like to apply, send your cv to info@placement-int.com and check one of our offer below: 


Culinary Training- Big Cedar Lodge


• Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States

• Duration: 12 months

• Start Date: 08/05/2019

 • Stipend: Starting from $15 per hour plus occasionally tips 

• Hours: Averaging 36 hours per week 

• Requirements: Previous Culinary experience is preferred! An organized team player that is willing to learn from others, and has good time management skills. Having high communication skills to be able to deal with stressful moments and guests complaints.

 • Benefits: Meals on duty, 2 (consecutive) days off / week, Uniform provided




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